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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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The translation plan has been announced in Wikimania:Translation/Plan, please leave your opinions in Wikimania_talk:Translation/Plan for further discussions.

Deutsch: Sie können hier Ihre Anfrage stellen.
English: You can request translation here. You can also join the translation team to help the translation.
español: Usted puede pedir traducciónes aqui.
français: Vous pouvez demandez des traductions ici.
italiano: Puoi inserire qui una richiesta di traduzione. Puoi anche unirti al gruppo dei traduttori per aiutare a fare le traduzioni.
日本語: このページで翻訳を依頼できます。
한국어: 여기에 번역을 요청할 수 있습니다.
Nederlands: U kunt hier een verzoek tot vertaling doen.
norsk: Her kan du etterspørre oversettelser.
Bahasa Melayu: Anda bisa meminta penterjemahan ke Bahasa Malaysia di sini. Anda juga dialu-alukan untuk memberi bantuan penterjemahan.
português: Você pode requisitar traduções aqui. Você também pode juntar-se à equipe de tradutores para ajudar na tradução.
русский: Вы можете оставить здесь запрос на перевод. Вы также можете присоединиться к команде переводчиков чтобы помогать в переводе материалов Викимании.
svenska: Här kan man be att få sidor översatta. Man kan också gå med i översättarlaget för att hjälpa till med översättningar.
中文(臺灣): 您可在此頁面提出翻譯請求,您亦可加入翻譯團隊協助翻譯。
中文(中国大陆): 您可在此页面提出翻译请求。
עברית: כאן אפשר לבקש תרגום, או להצטרף לצוות המתרגמים.
العربية: هنا يمكنك طلب الترجمة أو الانضمام إلى طاقم المترجمين.

Translation Notes

To translate a page on Wikimania 2007 website, please note the followings:

  1. If any pages are been tagged with {{Preparing}} then the page is still a draft only and should not be translated. Please wait until the template is been removed and {{languages}} and {{Translating}} template are been put into the page.
  2. For any pages are in translating status, please put the {{In Translation}} template in it. Once the translation is complete, please remove the In Translation template.
  3. If there is any issues or ideas you wish to let the translation team know, please leave them in the talk page.

Call for Translators

"Daily" Translation

This page or one of his subpage may need a translation at any moment:


The official language

The official language in Wikimania will be English (en) because Wikimania is a global event. All contents on the Wikimania website or the research papers must be translated into English first.

Other languages should be supported

We wish to support the following languages, too:

  1. Arabic (ar)
  2. German (de)
  3. Spanish (es)
  4. French (fr)
  5. Japanese (ja)
  6. Dutch (nl)
  7. Russian (ru)
  8. Chinese (zh) - both Traditional (zh-hant) and/or Simplified (zh-hans).

However, other languages are also welcomed.

Content for translation

Current Translation

Note: You may reuse former main page components.

Draft: User:Alexsh/sidetrans (need to be updated by sysop)

  • Deadline:
    • May 10, 2007: en; zh, ja, ru
  • Expected languages:
    • Must:: ar, de, es, fr
    • May: any other

Accommodation announcement

  • Deadline:
    • May 5, 2007: en, zh-hant, zh-hans
  • Expected languages:
    • Must: en, es, fr, (it, ja), zh-hant (original), zh-hans
  • Status:
  • Done: zh-hant (original), zh-hans
  • Proofreading: en
  • On-going:

Main page renewed

See also: Mainpage management

  • Done : En, Zh-hant, Zh-hans, Ru
  • Must: ar, de, es, fr, he, it, ja, lt, nl, no, pt, sv, tr.
  • Note: except ar, he, it and ja, those langs lack "sponsor" section.

Main page is now more informative and uptodate. It consists in several templates listed on Wikimania:Trans. Some elements, like weather, could be omitted. Some elements, like sponsor, should be added as soon as possible.

<!--Different Language-->

<!--Main Title-->
<div style="margin-bottom: .5em; padding: .5em; text-align: center;">


<!------------------------left     part------------------------------>
{| cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"
|- valign="top"
| width="75%" |







<!------------------------right     part------------------------------>
| width="25%" style="padding-left:10px;" |
<!--Calendar & Weather-->



[[Category:Main Page]]

Visa information

  • Deadline:
    • March 5, 2007: en, zh-hant, zh-hans
    • Overdated: es, fr, it, ja
  • Expected languages:
    • Must: en, es, fr, (it, ja), zh-hant (original), zh-hans
  • Status:
  • Done: zh-hant, zh-hans
  • Proofreading: en
  • On-going:

Other Translations

Keep on eye of possible modifications of those pages.

Page to translate Translation needed Translation done
Main Page - de, es, fr, العربية, עברית, it, 日本, nl, no, pt, sv, vi, 正 體, 简 体
Volunteer training en, de, es, 日本, nl, no, pt, sv, 正 體, 简 体 fr, ar

--Alex S.H. Lin 02:51, 20 December 2006 (UTC)[reply]

  • en:Help translation

If you want to translate pages to other languages,don't forget to check these.It will update to Template:Languages

  • ar:مساعدة في التّرجمة
  • zh:帮助翻译
  • zh-hant:協助翻譯
  • zh-hans:帮助翻译
  • fr:Aide à la traduction
  • de:Hilfe übersetzen
  • ja:翻訳依頼
  • ms:Bantuan Penterjemahan
  • nl:Help vertalen
  • no:Hjelp med oversettelse
  • pt:Ajude na tradução

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