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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

Thanks to all for helping make Wikimania 2007 a terrific event!

Give feedback at Comments, post article in your Weblog (tagged with "wikimania2007"), and upload media to Commons with "Category:Wikimania 2007" to share your experience!

The 2008 Wikimania conference was held in Alexandria, Egypt. You can visit the 2008 conference site for more information.

The 2009 Wikimania conference will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can visit the 2009 conference site for more information.

See you next Wikimania!
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On-site activities and notice

  • Wikimania 2007 has come to an end. Thank you to all that made it such a great event.
  • Please take care of viruses in flash memory. If you find a hidden file "autorun.inf" in flash disk, that's it.
  • On site registration is closed. Thanks for your attending Wikimania.


Participating online

Sunday, August 5: Join us as we cover the last couple of days in more detail than we've had time to until now. We cover a number of talks, the conference "schwag", and the Wikimania Par-tay. Read more...
Sunday, August 5: The final day of the conference, and we caught up with Evan Prodromou about WikiTravel and Kei.ki, his new Wiki-based project. Read more...
Saturday, August 4: We caught up with Ward Cunningham, creator of the very first wiki, to talk to him about this year's Wikimania, his current projects, and the role and meaning of "wiki". Read more...
Participating and chatting online
Transcripts, blog, and archives

OLPC developers and children developers look at software development.

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