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Social Events

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
Wikimania 2007 finished. This page remains for archival purpose.

(These are just Social Events. See also Little Angel Program for outings organized between Wikipedians. For total events, see Main Page.)

July 30

  • 前夜祭(Warm-up party)
於人性空間新生南路店舉行。邀請協助年會志工參與,並熟悉團隊成員。for the organizing team, volunteers, and wikimanics who have arrived in Taipei already.
  • 時間:晚上七點半,時間較晚提醒大家先用過晚餐。 Time: 7:30 PM (rather late, so we recommend you have dinner beforehand)
  • 商家地址:台北市大安區新生南路3段60巷7號; Map;(於公館麥當勞很遠的旁邊 not next to McDonald's)No.7, Lane 60, Sec. 3, Xinsheng S. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City
  • 捷運可以新店線搭到公館站,由出口3出站,在台大正門旁的紅綠燈穿過新生南路後,沿新生南路步行抵達。

MRT: Get off at the Gongguan Station, use the exit 3, cross Xinsheng S. Rd. at the lights beside National Taiwan University front door, and walk along the west side of Xinsheng S. Rd. to find the restautant.

  • 公車(比較近)則可搭乘253、280、284、642、643、671、敦化幹線到「台大」後,沿新生南路西側步行抵達。

Bus: take any of 253, 280, 284, 642, 643, 671, or "Dunhua Main Line", to "National Taiwan University" (or "NTU Main Campus") bus stop, then walk along the west side of Xinsheng S. Rd. (possibly you should cross the road at the light) to find the restautant.

  • 商家電話:Premisis TEL 02-23623529

July 31

  • Sightseeing/dinner together for early arrivers?

Offsite events

Public Lecture The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Book

  • Lawrence Liang discusses the link between ideas of personhood and self that underlies western liberal property regimes and explores alternative ideas of the self within western and non-western metaphysics. Liang proposes a move towards a relational self, which will help us rethink our assumptions about property and personhood, especially in relation to the world of knowledge and culture.
  • Venue: Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Auditorium 106
  • Time: 2pm-4pm
  • Contact: Shun-ling Chen, schen@law.harvard.edu

Taipei Open Source Software User Group weekly meeting

  • We keep hosting the meeting at Cafe Lumiere this week, welcome all wikimaniacs to join us.
  • Venue: Cafe Lumiere,Near MRT Taipower building station exit 2., No. 15, alley 14, lane 283, Sec. 3 Roosevelt Rd.,Taipei.
  • Cafe Lumiere's TEL: +886 2 2364 3440.
  • Time: From dinner time until the cafe closed, welcome to drop in any time.
  • Contact: Ping Yeh, ping.nsr.yeh@gmail.com

Aug. 1

CC Conference

  • Summary:
    • 2007 Taipei CC International Conference and ccParty will be held on August 1 and August 5 in conjunction with the Wikimania07 events, as an extension to show flourish and exciting Taiwanese creativity.
    • The main focus of the conference will be identifying existing and potential business models which lever the core of creative commons. It is anticipated that various issues such as innovative commercialization practices of cc-licensed works, related legal considerations, science commons developments will be discussed.
    • As Wikimania has been dedicated to sharing ideas about free knowledge for the public, the goal of 2007 Taipei CC International Conference and ccParty set up for the concept dissemination in creative commons and science commons for generic participants as well. Through the proceeding, the development of Wikimedia and the promotion of Creative Commons and Science Commons can generate the synergy uplifting the digital content sharing as a whole.
  • Program: Please check here for the program and register.
  • Remark:All participants in Wikimania 2007 are welcome and invited to join both event for free, should you have any question about CC conference and CC party, please contact: joyce AT nii.org.tw, thanks.

OLPC Curriculum Jam

Aug. 2

Journalism Unconference

  • [1] It's social, it's a meeting, both! 9am - 5:30pm, this meeting uses Open Space Technology meeting format. It's kinda like wiki, but happening with people in a room and a one-day topic. Come in and out any time in the day.

Wikitravel Eat-Together

Wikia Users Group Meeting

Wikia T-Shirt!
Time: Noon - Local time
Location: Room 335 at the Wikimania Conference
Food: Wikia will provide pizza, but feel free to bring your own food from the cafeteria as well
  1. I will go! --KaurJmeb 19:16, 26 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  2. here I come~--MagicDesigner 17:24, 1 August 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Aug. 3

85 Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei City (Near National Taiwan University, Exit 2 of MRT Gongguan Station)
TEL 02-33653168
FAX 02-33652666

Aug. 4

Aug. 5

VIP Party

Offsite events

CC party

  • Summary:
    • 2007 Taipei CC International Conference and ccParty will be held on August 1 and August 5 in conjunction with the Wikimania07 events, as an extension to show flourish and exciting Taiwanese creativity.
    • The ccParty 2007 is an event for artists from the local creative commons community to present and share their creative commons licensed works. You may see the past ccParties here: 2005 (http://blog.yam.com/ccgarden/category/743603) & 2006 (http://blog.yam.com/ccgarden/article/6285523).
  • Program: Please check back later for the program and register.
  • Remark: All participants in Wikimania 2007 are welcome and invited to join both event for free, should you have any question about CC conference and CC party, please contact: joyce AT nii.org.tw, thanks.

Seen on a flyer:

  • Time 2007.8.5 18:30-21:30
  • Location: #10, Lane 80, Shida Rd. Taipei... (merely a half a kilometer from the #Debian Birthday Party!)
  • Shuttle bus from the Wikimedia conference parking area: 17:30-18:00

Debian Birthday Party

Aug. 6 to 8

Offsite Events

Taipei Computer Applications Show

Tour by CTS Travel

Services of Youth Travel

  • Digital Tour Buddy
    • Feature:The Digital Tour Buddy, the whole new youth travel service system now works by the National Youth Commission in Taiwan. It is the unique travel service for the international youth travelers to solve the language barrier when they travel in Taiwan. The Digital Tour Buddy offers 24-hour service hotline to help young foreigners obtain all the travel and services information.
  • Youth Travel Card
    • Feature:The Youth Travel Card represents the hard-won achievements of the integration of government and private sector resources to provide over 300 tourism concessions, including admission tickets for scenic spots, transportation, accommodation, well-known snacks, Chinese classes, and so on, to enable young people to use their limited financial resources to enjoy the greatest possible tourism challenges as they explore Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Rail Pass
    • Feature:The TR PASS is based on the Fu Hsing/Dianche service and related valuations. Within the allotted time limit there is unlimited usage of the Fu Hsing/Dianche/Pukuai (normal express) services. Use of Fu Hsing services is subject to seating availability, no advance reservations.
  • Tour Buddy Network Especially for Backpackers
    • Feature:To attract international youths to Taiwan , the National Youth Commission has partnered with Shih Hsin University, Chang Jung Christian University, Providance University and the Taiwan Hospitality & Tourism College to provide the “Tour Buddy Network” as a service center for international youth travelers interested in traveling to Taiwan.

Schedules for Youth Travel

  • Hearing the sound of flower blossoming – humanistic and artistic appreciation camp of lotus town
    • Feature:Adopt the method of learning from doing and doing from learning, we may investigate the humanistic essence of the lotus community, and lead the young people to further themselves into humanistic experiences via six major themes. Also, we would resort to camp at the locality as to render the participants to further explore, experience in person, and investigate new values on their own to create new humanistic experiences.
  • Have Fun at Beitou in summer – natural and cultural exploration at Beitou
    • Feature:This project is of an in-depth tour of learning to help youth explore Taiwan as its core, and is planned with local themes with its own features. “Have Fun at Beitou in Summer”—aside from the impression of “spring” for Beitou, we will lead everyone to discover the beauty of Beitou, and “flavored” water from a local perspective of vitality and love for the locality and the “witch legend of spring culture” behind the spring industry.
  • Taiya Hunter school - Hapen ecology and humanistic learning camp
    • Feature:During the three-day, two-night tour, the hunter Ashong will be the instructor of the participants while Hapen area will be the classroom. 523 emphasizes that the participants learn through doing by themselves. Thus, aside from introduction and demonstration by the hunter on the way, they will be divided into groups to put up hunting huts and tents, pick wild vegetables, chop wood for fire, and cook meals on their own.

How to Apply (Contact Information)

  • service line: +886-2-3322-5550
  • service Email: nyc@nyc.gov.tw