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Citizen Journalism Unconference

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

Room: The Citizen Journalism Unconference is in the 1st floor Hall of Chih Ching Building

The Citizen Journalism Unconference is an event that is part of Wikimania. It takes place on Aug. 2 and is open to the public. Information concerning last year's meeting can be found here.

This event is expected to be an Unconference, the idea is let participants manage your own agenda, we'll using Open Space technique to facilitate the discussion, the key spirit is bottom-up discussion rather than top-down, you're welcome to use *any technique* to let people get up and speak out what're in their mind. Based on previous experience, many interesting and attractive new ideas and suggestions have been born through such discussion, please do sign on your idea and join CJU!!

If you'd like to discuss with other participants by mail, you may check this mailing list, it's open to public and everyone is welcome to share.


  • 住宿大樓 | 交誼廳

Draft Schedule

  • 09:00 ~ 9:30 attendees arrive, getting settled
  • 09:30 ~ 9:50 introduce open space technology
  • 09:50 ~ 16:30 open space discussion with different themes
  • 16:30 ~ 17:30 reflection

Draft Program (the program will be decided by the host that day)

  1. Before the unconference, you're all invited to post your agendas on this page (even better, a abstract or summary of what was and will be discussed). Please leave your idea and discussion on this page.
  2. The CJU will be a whole day event. The general host will first introduce the technology, rules and formalities of open space, all participants are invited to write down or print out your suggested topics and post it on the whiteboard/wall. And all those topics (both on wiki and whiteboard) will be the topics we discuss at that day.
  3. Then there might be 8~12 tables discussion at the same time (according to the number of participants), everyone who has raised topics on 1 & 2 is invited to be the facilitator of each table (You could also raise topics during the discussion), you just need to attract people who share the same spirit with you, then you could find a table and have a great discuss.
  4. The discuss time will be decided by each table. A table discuss is end if no one would like to discuss; on the contrary, if the discussion on certain table is great and people would like to continue, then that table will keep open and other people could join them anytime.
  5. Everyone is free to leave or join every table, if you feel like to take a rest, please feel free to do so.
  6. We don't have specific break since this unconference is in fact a long coffee break. There will be desserts and water provided by the organizers, we'll have lunch in the conference room as well. Basically this event is ongoing all day.
  7. Everyone is encouraged to put your thoughts and discussion on this page.
  8. One hour before the end of unconference, the general host will lead the discussion for all and reflect what we learn in this event.

Possible Topics

Dear all participants, please contribute your suggested topics here.

  1. Legal issue of citizen journalists: the Rights of Interview, how to cite their article...
  2. Re-formatting the journalism? Influence and criticism of citizen journalism
  3. composition and practices of CJ, dialogue between global and local
  4. The evolving relationship between citizen journalists and professional journalists
  5. Motivations: how the motivations of citizen journalism differ from the motivations of professional journalism, and how that impacts the nature of citizen journalism content
  6. Revision of previous projects and experiences of P2P journalism
  7. Ethical challenges citizen journalism creates particularly with regard to civic/participatory journalism
  8. What the dickens is Citizen journalism? Is your stories everyone's news?
  9. Similarities between open citizen journalism and Wikipedia (motivations, model of kowledge production, maybe others...)
  10. add more here

Recode (blogs/podcasting...)

Please leave your blogs/podcasting about this event here

  • Title of article, your name.
  • add more here


Please keep note of your discussion here, so that we could have more follow up discussion after this unconference. please use this format [[Citizen Journalism Unconference/your topic | your topic here]] so that you could edit your own page and will not conflict with other.

Please also put [[Category:Citizen Journalism Unconference Topics]] in the bottom of your article, so that we could have a full list view of all discussions.

  1. How to keep the passion of CJ?
  2. How to engage citizen journalists and traditional reporters to create content?
  3. Journalistic passion & enthusiasm v.s. privacy rights
  4. Aren't traditional journalists citizens?
  5. CJ tools are ready, are we?
  6. Role of the Peopo platform in Citizen Journalism.
  7. CJ v.s Professionalism.
  8. peopo平台在公民新聞的角色
  9. Funding for CJ Projects
  10. Do CJ really want to be citizens? What is our relationship to the nation state?
  11. What citizen journalism can learn from open source movement?
  12. CJ tools are reads, are we?
  13. Wikinews
  14. The archive, accessibility and category of CJ.


Use the Wikiversity Knowcycle project to find people to work with in:

There're currently over 140 people registered to join CJU and increasing. Please signup here if you'd like to join ( your name, affiliation, Username, and anything you'd like people to know about). Please also note facilitator if you'd like to raise some topics and lead the table discussion, you could also post your topic/abstract below your name.

Some thoughts

Please add your suggestions or ideas about CJU here:

  • Hello,I am Jhih-Jie Lai form Taiwan. Nowaday, citizen journalism is popular in Taiwan. Comparing with Taiwan's news enviornment, citizen journalism can report much more important news in our country. TBS(PTS) broadcast the CJ reporting in Taiwan. It is an important step in Taiwan. I hope CJ reporting can become popular really in Taiwan.
  • Hello everyone, I’m meng-shan tsai. Citizen journalism is the current of the world. Taiwan Broadcasting System set up the citizen journalism platform —PeoPo(people post)to develop the citizen journalism. PeoPo is professional and complete platform.Welcome to join PeoPo :) 
  • 大家好,我是宜靜。歡迎大家一起來加入PeoPo公民記者,共同來關心我們生活周遭的人事物!!:)
  • I'm ilya, here are my thoughts:
    • What is the eco-system of citizen journalism? (is it helpful or valuable to let us know who is exploiting citizen journalism?)
    • How to support (not exploit) citizen journalism? (encouraging production, facilitate dissemination, encouraging read and review of citizen journalism)
    • If we could bring online blog article, or journalism produced, connecting to offline real world event, what could we do? (like bloggers contributing to Losheng Sanatorium)
    • here's my previous Chinese memos: 公民新聞會前備忘 & 非會議(Unconference)怎麼開?

Warmup events