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Meeting on IRC (for international facilitators)


Username Timezone (UTC+/-?) Preferred times Days/dates available/not
TzuChiang Liou UTC+8 5-9, 22-24 UTC (flexible) Weekdays preferred
Next user Timezone Preferred times Availability

some rules and formalities

Some tricks I learned from Asia Commons, those are just suggested ideas, please feel free to use your own techniques:

  • Speed dating
    • The general host (moderator) introduce the open space technology for all and host a speed-dating, all participants should 2 mins talks with each other: the host will ask all participants to change seats every 2 mins with a bell notification, this way we could ensure that people could have equal opportunities to know each other, disregard their position or title.
  • Round Table discussion
    • All participants sit into different tables (say max 6 per table), the facilitators raise some questions for all participants, each table should discuss internally and delivery their point of view after 20 mins of discussion, after 20 mins, each table should have one representative to present their idea about those questions and leave all the discussion on CJU wiki page after that session.
  • Open Discussion
    • All participants sit in a big circle or horseshoe (U shape), the host could start with a controversial question and let everyone state their own opinion.
  • Oppose, agree or no comment
    • I've to confess that I don't know how to name this. :P basically we'll have a clear line with bipolar sign (indicate strongly agree and strongly disagree) on the floor. When the facilitators shoot the questions, all participants should choose their position and stand right by the line to show their own POV. Of course, the facilitators should ask some people about their choices.



姓名 偏好時間 合適 / 不合適的日期
TzuChiang Liou 均可 週間均可
Schee 均可 週間均可
Leonard 18:00之後 7/19,20不在台灣..
Next user Preferred times Availability



  • speed dating
    • 最重要的原則,是讓所有參加者,不論身份為何,都一視同仁的與所有人有平等的見面與認識的機會。方式很多元,我參加的是借用快速約會的方式,會場大家作成面對面的方式,主持人每兩分鐘搖鈴,大家就要換位子,彼此用簡短的時間自我介紹、為何參加此活動,想討論的主題等,時間約 20-30 mins,不一定要所有人都輪完。重點是讓大家了解此活動的重點是與會者,同時鼓勵發言,與增加會眾認識機會。
  • 圓桌討論
    • 所有會眾分作為數桌,一桌約 6 人左右,主持人拋出有爭議性的題目,由每桌進行討論並寫下來,並於 20mins 左右之後,由每桌推派代表上台前報告該桌的想法,會後,所有的資料都強烈建議保留在 CJU 的 Wiki 頁面上,作為後續討論的基礎。
  • 開放討論
    • 所有會眾將椅子排成馬蹄形或圓形,由主持人提出討論提綱,每個人可以輪流發言。
  • 認同、否定、中庸
    • 我找不到好的名詞,我參加的活動是,在地上劃線,同時標示兩方為「極度同意」與「極度不同意」,主持人發問後,所有會眾分別站到他心中認為同意的位置上。再由主持人詢問其意見。

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