Citizen Journalism Unconference/CJ v.s Professionalism.

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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  • What is news?
  1. News is new message
  2. News is any journalistic record with influence
  3. News is related to public interest -- But, what is "public"?
  • The meaning of CJ in two contexts:
  1. Any platform / media for citizens to publish their information, messages, comments or perspectives. Such as Blog, Drupal, traditional printed materials... etc
  2. Specific centralized CJ sites such as indymedia, globalvoices, ... etc
  • CJ as a...
  1. way to redefine what is "public interest", which was lost in most traditional/mainstream media due to its market-orientation.
  2. alternative to over-capitalism in the media industry.
  3. alternative to elitism
  • 公民新聞的興趣有歷史社會背景--主流媒體媒合商業利益與消費者,而非媒合人民
  • 菁英政治的獨斷,壟斷訊息的主導時,公民新聞的興起是讓隱沒的聲音再度揚起。
  • 多了參考討論的空間,它不消滅舊有的但使得傳統的新聞多了分自制。
  • Professional的社會正當性,也許是可以被打上問號的。
  • CJ inherits from traditional journalism: impartiality, accuracy, self-awareness and transparency...
  • CJ對professionalism的定義不再是單一的,不變的,而是容許多元價值的存在。