Citizen Journalism Unconference/CJ tools are reads, are we?

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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1. Tools OS/ CJ: mobile(hardware tool), youtube(software tool), ohmynews, indyMedia, Radio Brodcasting.

2.Openess: Non commercial, government or private provider?

3.Digital divide

4.Japan -> Mobile culture

5. Personal aspect

6. Consequences -> Also depending on tools

7. Podcasting -> Gathering, Archiving, Commenting

8. Shooting down because of content/ Censorship (Thailand, Spanish, Chile)

9. Change my telephone / my opinion

10. Authority of power and knowledge

11. Which CJ "Gathering platform" will you choose? -> (Non profit, private, government)

12. Authority -> power (government), capital (money, profit), knowledge (e-life, profession, academical)

13. Connections with civil movements