Citizen Journalism Unconference/Do CJ really want to be citizens? What is our relationship to the nation state?

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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1. Journalist -> state, as opposed to journalist -> media

2. Comparison between being citizen journalists in different countries/environments.

3. Lack of laws protecting citizen journalists

4. CJ can say what you want as long as it is tactual or an opinion

5. In H.K., government may "censor" if their people complain about something.

6. Net neutrality.

7. Globalism; taking advantage of other countries laws in Taiwan

8. Most political blogs in English are a digestion and rearrangement of the mainstream news

9. Try to find out the objective truth by compiling biased information.

10.If you have to break the laws to act like CJ, you may not want to be a citizen.