Citizen Journalism Unconference/How to engage citizen journalists and traditional reporters to create content?

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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‧To encourage citizen journalism, traditional media should give access of archives to the general public, and this is beneficial to traditional media as well.

‧Motivation: Traditional media have to create the motivation for people, and to make them interested (or willing to) upload the content.

‧Power relation between traditional media and CJ. How do traditional media perceive CJ? Still amateur?

‧Consciousness: If people are not aware that their contents are important or influential to the world. They wouldn't be interested in spreading or uploading them.

‧Hostile relations between traditional media & CJ? So far, cooperation between them seems only in individual cases. It hasn't become a norm.

‧Citizen journalists sometimes indeed lack editing and other skills, so some training may be needed.

‧Traditional media in Taiwan haven't realize that the so called "professional journalism" has been changed.

‧Traditional media & CJ are playing a different role in the society. The former has more resources. While the latter are closer to local issues.

‧Everyone needs help to generate contents. Many people, even though with passion, face difficulty uploading or other technical problems.

‧Interaction is needed between traditional and citizen journalists to ease the tensions.

‧While commenting incidents, citizen journalists should also report more.

‧Network of citizen journalists is needed for them to compile similar issues in different regions.