Citizen Journalism Unconference/What citizen journalism can learn from open source movement?

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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1. Self-intro round-up:

TM set the main theme of this session by sharing his experiences.As a senior blogger and twitter user, he feels technology could be helping and limiting the way knowledge shared, So TM asked: What are the basic principles of Open Source? How could those apply to CJ?

2. Adam Hyde is saying: OSS is always reinventing the wheels. He said CJ could/should avoid this mis-feature.

3. Ben is asking Adams: Why OSS is always reinventing the wheels? And how CJ could be or avoiding so?

4. Enric is commenting that CJ is just the phenomena that forgetting indie media or other initiatives happened before. Maybe we should accept that it really happened that people are reinventing the wheels. The question would be: how do we move on beyond that?

5.Charles Chen is commenting on IPR differences on OSS v.s. CJ.

6. Mr. Deng is commenting on the importance of academic institutions in knowledge production.

7. Shunling Chenis commenting on Euric & Adams, with paid Wikipedian (paid hackers)

Ilya: Because it is an open discussion, we notice that the importance of going back to the terms like OSS & CJ. What are they? And what are the limits? How to move on beyond current practice and connect to the past?

TM: Refocus on the production process of journalism. ICT could replace certain ways in the news production process. To make "look for truth," the core aim/task of journalism distributed, is to let more people can seek for truth in much easier ways.