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The “Youth Travel in Taiwan” website was created by the National Youth Commission (NYC) of Taiwan . The NYC is the government agency responsible for career development, business startups, civil society work, and voluntary service for young Taiwanese people aged between 18-35. The NYC is part of the Executive Yuan. The NYC chairs the International Youth Travel Task Force under the Executive Yuan's Tourism Development Committee. The Task Force has drafted an Action Plan to Promote International Youth and Student Travel in Taiwan , which outlines policies to comprehensively assess and integrate current resources, and develop a complete framework for international youth travel in Taiwan . This website is part of the Action Plan.

Schedules for Youth Travel

Hearing the sound of flower blossoming – humanistic and artistic appreciation camp of lotus town

  • Feature:Adopt the method of learning from doing and doing from learning, we may investigate the humanistic essence of the lotus community, and lead the young people to further themselves into humanistic experiences via six major themes. Also, we would resort to camp at the locality as to render the participants to further explore, experience in person, and investigate new values on their own to create new humanistic experiences.

Have Fun at Beitou in summer – natural and cultural exploration at Beitou

  • Feature:This project is of an in-depth tour of learning to help youth explore Taiwan as its core, and is planned with local themes with its own features. “Have Fun at Beitou in Summer”—aside from the impression of “spring” for Beitou, we will lead everyone to discover the beauty of Beitou, and “flavored” water from a local perspective of vitality and love for the locality and the “witch legend of spring culture” behind the spring industry.

Classic re-appearance of Exploring Chubean Wilderness–Go Deep into Taiwan Heart, Share Bunung Hea

  • Feature:Chubean is the geographic center of Taiwan, with aborigine tribes of good mountains and waters. Chubean heritage site is of the most complete high-mountain heritage site of tribal clan as far as 3000 years before. There are, as a whole, with three tribes and five tribal languages from Wushe, to Chubean and to Sun Moon Lake.

Taiya Hunter school - Hapen ecology and humanistic learning camp

  • Feature:During the three-day, two-night tour, the hunter Ashong will be the instructor of the participants while Hapen area will be the classroom. 523 emphasizes that the participants learn through doing by themselves. Thus, aside from introduction and demonstration by the hunter on the way, they will be divided into groups to put up hunting huts and tents, pick wild vegetables, chop wood for fire, and cook meals on their own.

Services of Youth Travel

Digital Tour Buddy

  • Feature:The Digital Tour Buddy, the whole new youth travel service system now works by the National Youth Commission in Taiwan. It is the unique travel service for the international youth travelers to solve the language barrier when they travel in Taiwan. The Digital Tour Buddy offers 24-hour service hotline to help young foreigners obtain all the travel and services information.

Youth Travel Card

  • Feature:The Youth Travel Card represents the hard-won achievements of the integration of government and private sector resources to provide over 300 tourism concessions, including admission tickets for scenic spots, transportation, accommodation, well-known snacks, Chinese classes, and so on, to enable young people to use their limited financial resources to enjoy the greatest possible tourism challenges as they explore Taiwan.

Taiwan Rail Pass

  • Feature:The TR PASS is based on the Fu Hsing/Dianche service and related valuations. Within the allotted time limit there is unlimited usage of the Fu Hsing/Dianche/Pukuai (normal express) services. Use of Fu Hsing services is subject to seating availability, no advance reservations.

Tour Buddy Network Especially for Backpackers

  • Feature:To attract international youths to Taiwan , the National Youth Commission has partnered with Shih Hsin University, Chang Jung Christian University, Providence University and the Taiwan Hospitality & Tourism College to provide the “Tour Buddy Network” as a service center for international youth travelers interested in traveling to Taiwan.

How to Apply (Contact Information)

  • service line: +886-2-3322-5550
  • service Email:

Related Service Facilities

Tourist Service Center at the Airport

  • Terminal I
    • Location:on the North side of the 1st-floor Arrival Passenger Reception Area Terminal I
    • Services:Tourist information,Complaints & suggestion,Airport direction,Flight information,Contact with friends & associates,Emergency notificaton.
    • Service Hours: 7:00~23:30 (all year round)
    • Service Phone: +886-3-398-2194
  • Terminal II
    • Location:In the center of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area Terminal II
    • Services:Tourist information,Complaints & suggestion,Airport direction,Flight information,Contact with friends & associates,Emergency notificaton.
    • Service Hours: 06:15~22:55
    • Service Phone: +886-3-398-3341

NYC Youth Hubs

  • Taipei 台北
    • Address:No.31, Sec. 1, Jhongsiao/Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei City 100 (台北市忠孝東路1段31號)
    • Service Hours: 10:00~21:00 (Tuesday~Sunday)
    • Service Phone: +886-2-3322-5550
  • Taichung 台中
    • Address:1F., No.167, Youheng St., South District, Taichung City 402 (台中市南區有恆街167號2樓)
    • Service Hours: 10:00~21:00 (Tuesday~Sunday)
    • Service Phone: +886-4-2286-0906
  • Tainan 台南
    • Address:No.85, Shengli Rd., East District, Tainan City 701 (台南市東區勝利路85號)
    • Service Hours: 9:00~20:30 (Monday~Saturday)
    • Service Phone: +886-6-235-0937
  • Palik 花蓮巴黎客
    • Address:No.2, Lane 622, Jhongjheng/Zhongzhen Rd., Hualien City, 970 (花蓮市中正路622巷2號)
    • Service Hours: 10:00~21:00(Wednesday~Sunday)
    • Service Phone: +886-3-836-2955
  • Hualien Shoufong 花蓮壽豐
    • Address:No.72, Gongyuan Rd., Shoufong Township, Hualien County 974 (花蓮縣壽豐鄉壽豐村公園路72號1樓)
    • Service Hours: 8:00~17:00(Monday~Friday)
    • Service Phone: +886-3-865-073