Participating via IRC

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

IRC is one of the oldest "chat" systems on the Internet, and most of Wikimedia's on-line conversations happen in IRC channels. For the conference, we will be using the Freenode network ( The channel that has been made for Wikimania is #wikimania.

Methods to connect

  • Web-based. You can run a page in your browser that provides easy access to the IRC network.
    • Go to Wikizine's IRC chat page and select a nick and '#wikimania' from the drop down channel list. Then click 'Login' and you will be transferred to a IRC chat page.
  • Client program. You can run a program on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine that provides much better performance and customizability. Some popular clients include:

Use the same server and channel information as above.

Why chat?

You may ask - why is chatting during a conference so interesting? A number of reasons:

  • Audience members can immediately discuss matters addressed by speakers, making it more interactive.
  • Users can ask staff questions in #wikimania-staff.
  • Users can interact in a worldwide chat network, even while in an international country. All that is required is a internet connection!