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Taipei is the capital of Republic of China, and is the largest city of Taiwan. It is the political, commercial, media, educational and pop cultural center of Taiwan.

According to the ranking by Freedom House, Taiwan enjoys the freest government in Asia in 2006. Taiwan is rich in Chinese culture. The National Palace Museum in Taipei holds world's largest collection of Chinese artifacts, artworks and imperial archives.

Because of these characteristics, many public institutions and private companies had set their headquarters in Taipei, making Taipei one of the most developed cities in Asia. Well developed in commercial, tourism and infrastructure, combined with a low consumers index, Taipei is a unique city of the world.

You could find more information from the following three sections.

A July 12, 2007 pdf snapshot of all of these sections is avaliable for your printing convenience.

Local Information

Main Page   Weather   Health, safety, and Accessibility   Financial   Regulations and Customs   Units of measurement   Electricity   Embassies   Time   Communications   General Conversation    


  1. Weather - Local weather information.
  2. Health and safety - Information regarding your health and safety:where to find medical help.
  3. Financial - Financial information like banks and ATMs.
  4. Regulations and Customs - Regulations and customs information to help your trip.
  5. Units of measurement - Units of measurement used by local people.
  6. Electricity - Infromation regarding voltage.
  7. Embassies - Information of embassies in Taiwan.
  8. Time - Time zone, business hours, etc.
  9. Communications - Information regarding making phone calls and get internet services.
  10. General Conversation - General conversation tips.

About Taipei

Main Page   Geography   History   Attractions   Religions   Food   Stores   Media   Museums    


  1. Geography - Location of Taiwan and Taipei city.
  2. History - Brief history of Taipei.
  3. Attractions - Attractions of Taipei.
  4. Religions - Religious information in Taipei.
  5. Food - Gourment food you can enjoy.
  6. Stores - Let's go shopping.
  7. Media - Media and news sources.
  8. Museums - Museum around Taipei city.
  9. Others:

Local transportation

Main Page   Airport←→City   To Venue   In the City   EasyCard   Driving   Street addresses   To other parts of Taiwan    


Taipei is served by Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (IATA:TPE). Please do no get confused with the local airport Taipei Songshan Airport. (IATA: TSA)

  1. Main Page
  2. Airport←→City - How to get from airport to Taipei.
  3. To Venue - How to get to the venue.
  4. In the City - Transportation information inside Taipei.
  5. EasyCard - Information regarding EasyCard.
  6. Driving - Local driving information.
  7. Street addresses - How to read street address.
  8. To other parts of Taiwan - Travel infromation to other city of Taiwan.
  9. category:Transportation


Local information pages are provided as a courtesy service to attendees of Wikimania 2007 Taipei. We try to make the information as accurate and current as possible, but no guarantees are expressed or implied. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. or the organizing team of Wikimania 2007 Taipei is not responsible for out-of-date or incorrect information. Attendees with specific questions should contact appropriate authorities.

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