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Taiwan Television Co., Ltd.

The China Times, Liberty Times, and United Daily News are three widely published newspapers. They can be found at convenience stores throughout Taiwan.

Five Television stations-TTV, CTV, CTS, FTV, and PTS provide non-cable broadcast nationwide. By convention, cable news channels are located between channels 50~58 regardless of cable operator.


  • The English bimonthly magazine Discover Taipei provides excellent information about the life and culture in Taipei. It is written mostly by foreign residents and is published by the Taipei City Government. Although new issues of this free magazine disappear quickly after they are available in most MRT stations, the city government has now made recent issues available in pdf format.
  • This Month in Taiwan provides visitors comprehensive information about Taiwan including lists of hotels, churches, embassies, and restaurants as well as maps of the major cities in Taiwan.
  • There are three English newspapers in Taiwan, which can be found in most island-wide convenience stores.
    • Taiwan News is Taiwan’s oldest English newspaper and is owned by food manufacturing company I-Mei; its editorials have a pan-green tilt (DPP and allied parties).
    • The China Post has the largest circulation and an excellent comics page; its editorials support the pan-blues (KMT and allied parties).
    • Taipei Times is Taiwan’s newest English language newspaper owned by the pan-green Liberty Times Group. It has an excellent website with a database spanning all the way from the September 21, 1999 earthquake in Taiwan.
  • Overseas newspapers such as the New York Times and the Asian Wall Street Journal are sold in a small quantities at targeted bookstores including the Eslite Xinyi flagship branch.
  • Most cable television providers do provide the live CNN and BBC News channels. HBO and Cinemax are also available.

Other Language

  • Most cable televion providers do provide the live NHK program.