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Local transportation 2: Transportation between airport and city

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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Airport to City

Wikimania volunteers will provide welcoming service at both terminals of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and selected downtown MRT stations along the way on July 31 (from noon till 20:00) and August 1 & 2 (all day until 20:00).

Bus (客運)

Freeway buses to Taipei City are located in both Terminals 1 and 2 of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). The average commute time from TTIA to Taipei is one hour.

Although there are many bus services to choose from, Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport Company (國光客運) provides the cheapest fares. Take the Kuo-Kuang bus bound for the Taipei Main Station (台北車站), which makes a side stop at the MRT Yuanshan Station (捷運圓山站). The fare for an adult is NT$125 (or roughly US$4). If you plan to head directly to the conference site, get off at the MRT Yuanshan Station and take the MRT to Jiantan (劍潭)(See To venue).

Airport-Taipei Bus Route

Avoid taking the Kuo-Kuang bus to the MRT Minquan W. Road Station (捷運民權西路站) because while the fare may be lower at NT$75, the bus will travel on a much longer and slower route.

Terminal 1 (第一航站)

Buses are located at the southwest side of the arrivals reception area. After clearing customs and entering the reception area, turn left and go all the way to the leftmost end of the arrival hall.
Airlines using Terminal 1

Angkor Airways

Air Macau

Cathay Pacific

China Airlines
(excluding Japan, U.S., Canada, Autralia)

Mandarin Airlines

Jetstar Asia

Korean Air

Malaysia Airlines
Palau Trans Pacific Airlines
Philippine Airlines

President Airlines

Thai Airways International

TransAsia Airways

Vietnam Airlines

Cebu Pacific

Terminal 2 (第二航站)

Buses are located at the northeast side of the arrivals reception area. After clearing customs and entering the reception area, turn right and go all the way to the end of the hall. Then turn right again and go all the way down another hallway.
Airlines using Terminal 2

All Nippon Air(ANK)

Asiana Airlines


China Airlines
(all flights to Japan, U.S., Canada, Autralia)


Uni Air

Far Eastern Air Transport

Japan Asia Airways

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Northwest Airlines

Pacific Airlines

Singapore Airlines

United Airlines

THSR (台灣高鐵)

There is a Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) service from Taoyuan to Taipei. However, the extra commuting time from TTIA to the THSR Taoyuan Station (高鐵桃園站) via shuttle bus plus the total fare might not necessarily make THSR the optimal means of reaching Taipei. This is because as of April 2007, only one train stops at the Taoyuan Station each hour to pickup passengers heading for Taipei. It costs NT$20 for the shuttle bus from the airport to the THSR Taoyuan Station and NT$160 for the high speed rail ride. The shuttle bus service is operated by U-bus (統聯客運).

Taxi (計程車)

Taxis are available at the airport twenty-four hours a day. The typical taxi fare to Taipei should be around NT$1100 (roughly US$33). The passenger is not responsible for freeway toll fares.

City to Airport

Bus (客運)

Kuo-Kuang provides bus services from the Taipei Main Station and the Songshan Domestic Airport (松山機場) to TTIA. Kuo-Kuang buses that depart from the Taipei Main Station make a brief stop at the neighboring city of Sanchong (三重) before entering the freeway. Again, the cost is NT$125. To find the dedicated airport-bound Kuo-Kuang bus terminal among the three separate Kuo-Kuang terminals at the Taipei Main Station, first head to the tallest building at the Taipei Main Station area, which is the Shin-Kong Tower (新光摩天大樓). At the Shin-Kong Tower, face northwest towards Zhongxiao West Road (忠孝西路) and look for a large sign which says "To Taoyuan Airport."

File:Taipei Main Sta Ground.gif
Map of the Taipei Main Station Area

Some hotels or hostels may provide shuttle service to the airport. Contact the lodging receptionist for details.

THSR (台灣高鐵)

If you wish to take the Taiwan High Speed Rail to indirectly reach the airport, the station is located at the basement of the Taipei Railway Station (台北車站). Make sure not to confuse the Taiwan Railway system with the Taiwan High Speed Rail system as their entrances are located next to each other. In addition, make sure you take the high speed rail train that makes a stop at Taoyuan (桃園). When you leave the THSR Taoyuan station, take the shuttle bus that leaves for the airport. The airport is located approximately six kilometers from the THSR Taoyuan station.

Taxi (計程車)

Language barriers may cause your driver to confuse the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (台灣桃園國際機場) and the downtown-located Songshan Domestic Airport (松山機場). Be sure to clearly notify the driver about your true destination.