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Local information 5: Regulations and Customs

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See Visas for information regarding required documentations and regulations.

Prohibited or limited items


False statement or failure to declare the following at Customs shall be punished in accordance with the Customs Preventive Law.

The following are those needing declared
  • Baggage exceeding a total value of NT$20,000(or NT$10,000 for those under 20)
  • Alcohol and tobacco exceeding the following limitations:
  • 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 1 pound of tobacco
  • 1000cc of alcohol (traveller under 20 cannot carry these items)
  • Unaccompanied baggages
  • Foreign currency exceeding US$10,000 in value; gold exceeding US$20,000 in value.
  • All animals, plants, aquatic life or products thereof must be handed over to quarantine immediately (a failure to do so will result in a fine of between NT$30,000 and NT$150,000. Those that do not pass quarantine regulations shall be destroyed or returned by shipment)
  • Passengers must declare import of NT Dollars exceeding NT$60,000.
  • You may also have the interest to know that there do exist a limitation of the lateset Nintendo game console, Wii. One person could only carry two sets of Wii when arriving Taiwan. That is because of the limitation of total value of NT$20,000 as listed above.
The following are prohibited
  • Counterfeit currencies, securities, bank bills and forging equipment.
  • Fresh fruit and meat.
  • Firearms, bullets, explosives, poison gas, swords, and any other weapons.
  • Narcotics, including cocaine, marijuana, and opium poppy seeds.
  • Live wild animals, or products made from protected species.


The following are those needing declared while leaving the R.O.C.(Taiwan)
  • Foreign currencies exceeding US$10,000 in value
  • NT Dollars exceeding NT$60,000
  • Gold exceeding US$ 20,000. All gold taken out of the R.O.C.(Taiwan) must be declared at Customs.
The following are prohibited
  • Narcotics
  • Illegal copies of audio and video cassettes, VCDs, DVDs and software.
  • Antiques, antique coins, and antique paintings.
  • Firearms (including those for hunting, air guns, and fishing harpoons), bullets, explosives, poison gas, swords, and any other weapons.

For more information, consult DGC, Taipei Customs Office or Directorate General of Customs

If you are travelling on China Airlines or EVA Air flight, then you would find clear information about Customs regulations in the inflight magazine or Duty Free brochures.

Minimal age for consumption of alcohol and smoking

No one under eighteen may purchase alcohol or tobacco. Taiwan does not have as strong of a beer culture as the United States.

Smoking in public space

Buses, the MRT Metro system, fast food restaurants, and most family-oriented establishments provide a smoke free environment.

Plastic shopping bags

Major grocery, convenience, and drug stores are prohibited from providing plastic shopping bags unless you pay a NT$1-2 penalty per shopping bag. Additionally, clerks and cashiers will assume that you brought an environmental bag. Bakeries and restaurants are exempted from this rule.


Pets from rabies-infested countries need to endure a minimum 21 day quarantine. Those from rabies-free countries need to present a health/quarantine certificate and may need to undergo some period of quarantine. Pets placed in special strollers (similar to baby strollers), minature kennels, or bags as well as guide dogs are tolerated in most public places, including the metro system. Make sure to bring bags and tissue paper if the pet relieves itself on the sidewalk or you will be fined. Pets in Chien Tan Youth Center, etc?