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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

This is a working draft. Comments will be appreciated on the talk page.

About this page

This page will discuss the translation plan for Wikimania 2007, including website pages and research papers.


In this section we will discuss language issues.

The official language

The official language in Wikimania will be English (en) because Wikimania is a global event. Although some key members in the organization team of Wikimania Taipei might understand Chinese only, we will still use English as the official language. All contents on the Wikimania website or the research papers must be translated into English first.

Other languages should be supported

We might also choose to translate into the following languages too (those languages are chosen because they are the languages listed on the official Wikipedia website plus Chinese):

  1. Arabic (ar)
  2. Chinese (zh) - both Traditional (zh-hant) and/or Simplified (zh-hans).
  3. Deutsch (de)
  4. French (fr)
  5. Italiano (it)
  6. Japanese (ja)
  7. Nederlands (nl)
  8. Polski (pl)
  9. Portuguese (pt)
  10. Spanish (es)
  11. Svenska (sv)

However, other languages are also welcomed.


We will form a translation team for the Wikimania event. The team will be under the organization team of Wikimania Taipei and will be lead by the translation coordinator (TC) in the organization team.

Translation Coordinator

TC will be the contact window in the Wikimania Taipei team for each language sub-team. CPL can discuss the translation issues with TC and TC should help to report to the Taipei team for further discussion. TC will help to deliver the content / paper to CPL and the translation status from CPL so TC can provide the status to the Wikimania Taipei team.

Since the official language of Wikimania is English, TC must make sure the first version of the content / paper has been well-translated / well-written in English so he/she can deliver the content / paper to CPL.

Language Sub-Team

The translation team will be divided into several language sub-teams. Each language sub-team will be responsible for the translation between English and the language they translate on.

Each language sub-team will have the following members:

  1. Coordinator Per Language (CPL): CPL will be the leader of the language sub-team and will report to TC in the Wikimania Taipei team. CPL will co-work with TC to deliver the content / paper to his/her members to translate. CPL will help to control the translation progress and discuss related translation issues with the members. CPL will also be the person to review the results from the members.
  2. Langauge sub-team members (lead by CPL): each sub-team member will report to CPL and will help to translate the content / paper.

Translation Process

Translation Request

When there is a translation request, TC will put the request in the WM:TR (or Wikimania:Translation Request) page on the Wikimania website. TC should also notify CPL in each language sub-team that there is a new translation request (by e-mail or some other way).

Translating Schedule

Once CPL gets the notice from TC, CPL should discuss with his/her team members to make a schedule for the translation and report to TC. After the schedule has been set, TC and CPL will check once a week to know the translation status and TC will report the status to the Taipei team.

Translating the Content

Contents on the Wikimania website

Page Developing

Since the page content is being edited on the Wikimania website, the page content might be changed very frequently. When the page content is still developing and is not proper for translation, the page content creator should put a Draft template on the page.

When Page Ready

After the page content is ready, the page content creator should replace the Draft template with the Languages template and then notify TC. TC should put the page link into the Translation Request page and notify CPLs.

Translation Versions

When TC put a translation request on the Wikimania website, TC should make sure the page content creator to state which version of the content will be used for translation. For example, the content creator should write the edit summary like Translate Version 1 to let TC and CPL know the version to translate.

Once the translation version has been set, CPL and sub-team translators should ignore other versions of the content until there is a new version to be set in the edit summary (like Translate Version 2) and the page link has been put into the request page by TC and CPLs are notified again.

Translating Template

When translating, the translator should copy the page content to the new page for translation, and put a Translating template on the new page. The Translating template can have the following items:

  1. The link of the page to translate from.
  2. The current translation version.
  3. The name of the translator.
  4. Current translation progress.
Translation Done

When the page translation is done, CPL should check with the member to review the quality. If the quality is good enough, then CPL can remove the Translating template and write Reviewed by XXX in the edit summary. And then CPL can report to TC to notify the Taipei team.

Research Papers

TC should send the research paper to CPL via E-mail or upload it to the Wikimania website to let CPL / members download. If there is any updates in the research paper, TC should forward the updates to CPLs to let the members know.