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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

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Time Hall (300 seats) Room 325 (70 seats)
Room 328 (80 seats)
Room 332 (70 seats)
Room 334 (70 seats) Wikimania Lounge
at 319
9:00~10:15 Welcome Speeches: Florence Nibart-Devouard (Anthere)/Jimmy Wales (Jimbo)
10:15~10:30 Break, open space introduction
10:30~noon Session 1 session 101

Benjamin Mako Hill: Freedom's Standard Advanced

Kat Walsh: The Conscientious Copyfighter

session 102 Panel

Jakob Voss: The Semantic Web and why Wikipedia should bother

Denny Vrandecic: Wikipedia 3.0: MediaWiki meets the Semantic Web

session 103

Erin McKean: What Does Reference Look Like? (And Why Looks Don't Matter Much)

Seth Anthony: Where Have All The Writers Gone: The Diversion, Distraction and Departure of Wiki "Content Creators""

session 104

Samuel Klein: OLPC and addressing systemic bias

Lawrence Liang - Debate on the Authority of Knowledge vsi a vis Wikipedia

session 105


Dominick Chen Remix with wikipedia, remix on wikipedia

session 106
12:00~1:30pm Lunch
1:30~2:30pm Session 2 session 201

Erik Moeller: Wiki2Wiki: Wikimedia and the new ecosystem of knowledge

session 202

Sabahat Ashraf: National and Community Information Databases—WikiPakista, WikiIndia and HumanRights.ProgressiveIslam.org

David Beall: SFHOMELESS.NET and Wikia: Wiki technology expanding into government and social service resources

session 203

Revo Soekatno: Malay, Malaysian and Indonesian languages on Wikipedia

Ravi Kant The history and the current status of Hindi wikipedia and it's communities.

session 204 Panel

Lawrence Liang - open content licensing

Teresa Malango : Licensing Strategy and Business model for Open Content

Ching-Yi Liu : Opportunities and possible model for digital archive released from public sector.

session 205

Mike Godwin, Kat Walsh, Andrew Lih: shifting nature of the community

session 206
2:30~2:45pm Break
2:45~3:45pm Session 3 session 301

Guillaume Paumier, Elisabeth Bauer: Strengthening and unifying the visual identity of Wikimedia projects: a step towards maturity Presentation and proceeding should be online before the conference begins. guillom

session 302

Sylvain Zimmer: Building a sustainable economy around free music, the Jamendo way

Jack Herrick: Challenges in a growing wiki : The wikiHow case study

session 303

Harel Cain: Hebrew language Wikipedia: what makes it special and what other projects can learn from it

Chia-Wei Chiu: The Study of Wiki Editing Behavior of China Wikipedian - A Case Study of Wikipedia

session 304 Panel

Anthony Mao, Thomas Tsai, Yu, Long-Shan: Library with Free Information and Free Software

session 305

David Pendery: Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: The Mind of Wikipedia

KaKan Lo: Another role of Wikipedians: Guiding machines to do intelligent tasks

session 306


Masayuki Hatta: The Issues on Wiki Licensing

user:michele, Why is Media Wiki not (yet) the ideal Wiki-engine for (formal) educational settings?

Naoko Kizu: Translation for Community Building

3:45~4:00pm Afternoon break
4:00~5:00pm Session 4 session 401 Workshop

Cormac Lawler: Understanding, defining, and developing Wikiversity

session 402 Workshop

Gerard Meijssen: languages, small projects, the language committee, fund raising, signwriting

session 403


David Pendery: Wikipedia and Taiwanese Students--A Good Mix

session 404

LIN, Yu-Shyen: Evaluating the Effectiveness of TaiwanBaseballWiki

Kwang-Tsao Shao: how to apply Wiki system on Taiwanese Encyclopedia of Life

session 405


Digital Art, Open source and open content.

session 406 Lightning talks #1
5:00~5:30pm Wrap-up (summary of day's sessions); Poster Session


Time Auditorium (800 seats)
Room 325 (70 seats)
Room 328 (80 seats)
Room 332 (70 seats)
Room 334 (70 seats) Lounge & Open Space
at 319
9:00~9:15 Welcome, daily announcements and overview
9:15~9:30 Break
9:30~10:30 Session 5 session 501

Achal Prabhala: Wikimedia in the offline world

Joris Komen: Are FLOSS, Open Content and Open Access solutions practicable and scaleable in remote, underserved African schools?

session 502 Workshop

Alexis Rondeau, Hector Rinaldi, Stan Wiechers: Distribute knowledge using cell-phone readable physical hyperlinks

session 503

Teemu Leinonen: Vision for Wikiversity: academy, popular education/folk high school and free school

Chao-Kuei Hung: Free Culture Advocacy: A General Strategy and Examples Involving Social Movement Groups and Community Universities

session 504 Workshop

Brian Mingus: Using Natural Language Processing to determine the quality of Wikipedia articles

Luca De Alfaro: A Content-Driven Reputation System for the Wikipedia

session 505

Craig Spurrier: Grass Root media and CJU revire

session 506
10:30~10:45 Break
10:45~11:45 Session 6 session 601 Panel

Ward Cunningham, Valentin Jijkoun, James Forrester, Tian-Jian Jiang: The future of wikis

session 602

Renaud Gaudin: moulin - offline wikipedia for the developing world

Kim Tucker: Libre Knowledge and Another World is Possible

session 603

Ida Suandi: Wikipedia: A Powerful Tool of Knowledge or an Internet Phenomena? A Survey Study of Singapore Language Teachers' Perspectives on the Use of Wikipedia in Teaching.

Jan-bart De Vreede : Wiki's in Dutch Education

session 604

Michael Dale: Metavid Wiki - Real Time Collaborative Semantic Audio/Video Metadata in MediaWiki.

Ping Yeh: Embeddable Wiki Engine: proof of concept and application ideas

session 605 session 606 BOF BOF

Craig Spurrier: Wikinews: How it is unique, and what the future holds

Li-Hua Wu: The Accumulation of Local Knowledge and Public Participation:A case study of Chu-Tien, Liu-Dui

Jun-Fa Wong: How to gathering local knowledge?─Public Participation mechanism of 2007 localogy GIS project.

11:45~1:15pm Lunch
1:15~2:15pm Session 7 Plenary -Raoul Weiler: Compilation of Ethnographic Objects from Museums Reserves session 706
2:15~2:30 Break
2:30~3:30pm Session 8 session 801

Melissa Hagemann: Open Access movement

Oscar Van Dillen: Wikimedia: somewhere between Art and Science

session 802

Kate (Aude): Free, open source geospatial mapping tools and use in Wikimedia projects

Evan Prodromou: Extending wikis with social networking tools

session 803

Cormac Lawler: Learning and learning about learning in Wikiversity

Gerard Meijssen:OmegaWiki, Wiki for Professional, the launch of semantic support for Wikipedia and the use of OmegaWiki in education and publications

session 804

Haidong Pan Democracy and business model: wikipedia and wiki ecosystem in China

Mathias Schindler:The economics of writing and publishing an encyclopedia

session 805


Election Panal (briefing and accept questions from the audience)

Jon Harald Søby
Tim Starling
Kizu Naoko
Cary Bass
Jan-Bart de Vreede

session 806
3:30~3:45pm Break
3:45~4:45pm Session 9 session 901 Workshop

Elizabeth Stark & Samuel Klein: Free Culture Spaces - Building a Network of Community Centers to Promote Free Content Development

session 902 'Workshop

Yuri Astrakhan: Direct data access with MediaWiki API

session 903 'Workshop

Kim Tucker: WikiMedia and Education: extending Wikimedia tools for Collaborative Learning

session 904 Workshop

Dirk Riehle: Bringing Wikipedia to Work: Open Collaboration within Corporations

session 905
session 906
Lightning talks #2
4:45~5:00pm Afternoon break
5:00~5:30pm Daily wrapup, session summary and Awards session


Time Hall (300 seats) Auditorium (800 seats) Room 325 (70 seats)
tech 2
Room 328 (80 seats)
Room 332 (70 seats) Room 334 (70 seats) Lounge & Open Space
at 319
9:00~9:15 Welcome, daily announcements and overview
9:15~9:30 Break
9:30~10:30 Session 10 session 1001

Wayne Mackintosh: Sustainable innovation in mega-projects

Delphine: Virtual and national cultures: Wikimedia, projects and organisation

session 1002

Rebecca MacKinnon: Citizen media: Why Global Voices isn't trying to be a news agency.

Isaac Mao: Knowledge Forming, Heredity, and Variation

session 1003

Brian Behlendorf:open source & wiki

Adam Hyde: Free Manuals for free software

session 1004

Brianna Laugher: Special:Contributions/newbies: a study of newly-registered user behaviour

James Hare: How to Effectively Deal with Disputes

session 1005

Enric Senabre Hidalgo: Meritocracy and vandalism

Su-Chu Hsu: Authorship and Liquidity in Wikiart

session 1006 session 1007


Lodewijk Gelauff: Wikimedia conferences - Local opportunities

Guillaume Paumier : Wikimedia Meta-Wiki as a thematic coordination platform for WikiProjects

10:30~10:45 Break
10:45~11:45 Session 11 Plenary - Joi ito session 1107
11:45~1:15pm Lunch
1:15~2:15pm Session 12 session 1201

Greg Stein: Google and wiki

session 1202

Heather Ford: Why Wikimania and the iCommons Summit should shack up

session 1203

Christoph Sauer, Chuck Smith: WikiCreole and its practical applications - the future of wiki interaction

Jon Phillips: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Wikibiblio: A Community-based Bibliographic System

session 1204

Benjamin Mako Hill: Supporting Collaboration in Branched Articles

Alain Desilets: Making WikiMedia resources more useful for translators

session 1205

Brion Vibber: Hacking Days Review

session 1206

SJ, Summer of Content 2007 & Curriculum Jam

session 1207 Lightning talks #3
2:15~2:30 Break
2:30~3:50pm Session 13 Plenary: Wikimedia Foundation Board Panel session 1307
3:50~4:00pm Break
4:00~5:00pm Session 14 Closing Speech-Jimmy Wales session 1407
5:00~5:10pm Afternoon break
5:10~5:50pm Wrap-up, closing gala & ceremony

Technical Infrastructure

Wikibiblio semantic webs Natural Language Processing social networking Wikipedia 3.0 Mediawiki API Reputation system geospatial mapping Free Manuals WikiCreole search engine Metavid wiki embeddable wiki engine future of wiki

Wikimedia communities

Malay Hindi Translation Community Hebrew Chinese Editing Behavior languages Open Content and Open Access Wikipedia and Taiwanese students Understanding Wikiversity Academic assignments Contributions/newbies offline wikipedia Meritocracy and vandalism mega-projects translators resource Virtual and national cultures Wikinews Dutch Education singapore's teacher Vision for Wikiversity Wikipedia and Taiwanese Students between Art and Science Open Collaboration within Corporations Singapore Disputes Collaboration in Branched Articles Collaborative Learning

Free Content

Authorship and Liquidity Freedom's Standard Wiki2Wiki Library WikiPakista, WikiIndia, HumanRights SFHOMELESS Distribute knowledge using cellphone War/Genocide wiki Free Culture Spaces wikiHow Wiki Licensing Open Access movement Compilation of Ethnographic Objects Taiwanese Encyclopedia of Life Free Culture Advocacy TaiwanBaseballWiki economics Libre Knowledge