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Open Access and how it can support the work of Wikipedia

Author Melissa Hagemann (OSI)
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Melissa Hagemann

Melissa Hagemann manages the Open Access Initiative within the Information Program of the Open Society Institute (OSI)/Soros foundations. Since convening the meeting in December 2001 which led to the development of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, she has been active within the Open Access movement which advocates for the free online availability of peer-reviewed literature.

Melissa also works with the eIFL (electronic Information for Libraries) network to manage the eIFL Open Access Program that aims to spread the benefits of Open Access among eIFL’s members in 50 developing and transition countries. She has held several positions within OSI including managing OSI’s Regional Library Program from 1995-1997 based in Budapest as well as the Science Journals Donation Program from 1998-2001.

She was profiled as a SPARC Innovator in December 2006 for her work within the Open Access movement. Melissa has served on the Member of Experts' Group of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Library Initiative.

Over the past five years a movement has developed around open access to scholarly communications/peer-reviewed journal articles. To become a viable alternative to the traditional subscription-based publishing model, open access requires that new economic, legal, and funding paradigms be adopted worldwide. The presentation will chart the growth of the movement, with a special focus on the critical role research funders and governments play in adopting mandates for open access to their research.
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