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Proceedings of Wikimania 2007 - The Third International Wikimedia Conference


You are looking at the Proceedings of Wikimania 2007, the third international Wikimedia conference.

Wikimania included three days of presentations, panels, discussion sessions, workshops, posters, and outside events based around the themes of Wikimedia communities; Open Content and Technical Infrastructure. If you wish to contribute without being physically present (or remind yourself of what you saw or missed here), you may want to consult the Archives for video and audio excerpts.



  • TzuChiang Liou, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica
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Editors in 2006

  • Most templates and guidelines in 2007 follow the work done by the editors of 2006, thanks to the editors of 2006.
  • Nicholas Boalch, University of Durham
  • Phoebe Ayers, University of California at Davis