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Metavid Wiki - Real Time Collaborative Semantic Audio/Video Metadata in MediaWiki

Author Michael Dale (social computing lab UCSC)
Track Technical Infrastructure
License GNU Free Documentation License (details)
About the author
Michael Dale is a Research Associate at University of California Santa Cruz. Last year Michael worked on embed video for mediaWiki in Google summer of code 2006. Michael has been involved in open media adoption on the web, participating in the FOMS conference and pushing for open media in browsers. Metaivd is an archive of congressional proceedings which indexes house and senate footage via close captions and OCR on nameplates. Metavid makes all this data and audio/video files available in their entirety with entirety free and open source software. Funded by a sunlight foundation grant in the last few months Michael has been working on re-building metavid as an extension to the mediaWiki platform.
Metavid Wiki - Real Time Collaborative Semantic Audio/Video Metadata in MediaWiki. Metavid Wiki is the in development second iteration of the Metavid archive project ( Metavid Wiki builds off of the MediaWiki code base, the semantic wiki extension and the first version of the metavid. Metavid Wiki employs a structured temporal name space with the wiki page model to enable dynamic, versioned metadata for arbitrary stream segments. Congressional data along with stream metadata is used to build a rich query space for stream segment search. These segments can then be recombined into versioned sequences and referenced internally or externally.
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