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Free Culture Space/Lightning Talks

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

Lightning Talks are 5-minute talks by various people combined in a set of around 10 talks in one session.

There will be ¿how-many? slots of ¿how-long? for Lightning Talks. This makes for ¿total? interesting tiny talks on cool stuff during Wikimania 2007 in total.

If you want to give a Lightning Talk at Wikimania 2007 go ahead and enter your offer below. Please state:

  • the exact title of your talk
  • the language your talk will be held in
  • your name (make a link to your user page with contact information as we might have to get back to you)
  • a short description (use full sentences, no keywords)

You may add a link to a subpage of this page with additional information and place to discuss.

If more than ten people apply for each day the Program Committee will select the talks from the list. So please think about giving an accurate description on what you are going to talk about.

Table of Talks

Number Language Title Speaker(s) Day you want to present on Description
1 en, de, php /Obfuscated Wikicode Contest JakobVoss ? The Obfuscated Wikicode Contest is a contest to write the most unreadable Wikicode. Participants show their code and the audience has to find out its purpose. This is only a dummy entry - up to now I have no plans do do such a contest but maybe someone is interested?
2 en The mobile Wiki with a powerful search engine Alvin Yang Day 4 The huge database based on Wiki can be extracted as a compact storage in a mobile disk. With a powerful search engine deployed in the disk, users can access the content (ex. Wikipedia) whenever needed and wherever the mobile disk is read.
3 en Wikipedia 1.0 and Wikipedia on dvd Christophe Henner aka Schiste Day 2 Presentation of the project Wikipedia 1.0 and demonstration of Wikipedia on DVD 0.5
4 English Knowledge Management in Wiki spirits Peilin Chou, Bridgewell Inc Day 3 Come listen how knowledge management (KM) can be fully personalized!! Everyone in an organization can create, train, track and share its own topics with others – it’s Wiki KM.
5 English Mashupping MediaWiki extensions (and some design) for Wlogging Enric Senabre Day 3 Some comments on how could one adapt the work of different MW hackers for mixing wiki & blog (example)
6 English Remxing Free Software Documentation Adam Hyde 3 A demo of remixing free software documentation for ajax includes with floss manuals remix
7 English Wikitravel Press: Open content printed travel guidebooks Jani Patokallio 4 Launch of print-on-demand guidebooks based on free Wikitravel content: the process, the technology and working with the community

Not Scheduled yet

  • Transforming 'Capital' in Capitalism Understanding the systemic source and changing the system from inside out through participatory democracy and Initiative in view of Millennium Development Goals
  • I have proposed a paper presentation entitled "Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: The Mind of Wikipedia." The ideas described here are based on the work of Dr. Gerald Edelman, but are entirely mine, and please remember that my proposal has been accepted by the Wikimania conference, and I plan to present these ideas in August, in Taipei. However, I welcome any ideas or additions you might have. Jim Nightshade 08:40, 12 June 2007 (UTC) (Jim Nightshade is also my user name on the main Wikipedia page, and you could contact me via my Talk page there).[reply]