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Jakob Voss
Jakob Voss

Jakob Voss (or Jakob Voß with German glyph ß) discovered Wikipedia in August 2002 and is active especially in German Wikipedia since then. In 2004 he participated in founding Wikimedia Germany which and he was member of the board until 2007. In 2005 and 2007 he was member of programme committee of Wikimania. After study of computer science, library science, and philosophy at Humboldt University, Berlin until 2006 he now works at the library service center of the Common Library Network (GBV) in Göttingen.

Jakob published a couple of papers and presentations in Wikipedia research, Social Software, and Web 2.0. Part of his research activity is the Wiki Research Bibliography and the weblog on Wiki research. His main Weblog is (in German). His nickname on some Wikis and IRC is nichtich.

My presentations at Wikimania 2007

The Semantic Web and why Wikipedia should bother

Talks to see, people to meet

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  • Two parallel sessions I'd like to go to: 801 (with Proceedings:MH2) and 802.
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