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Wikibiblio: A Community-based Bibliographic System

Author Jon Phillips
Track Technical Infrastructure
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Jon Phillips
Jon Phillips

Jon Phillips ( is an Open Source developer, artist, writer, educator, lecturer, and curator with 13+ years of experience creating communities and computing culture. His involvements with mixing culture and software development have been presented internationally at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (2006), Sun Yat-Sen University (2006, Desktop Developers Conference (2005), SFMoMA (2004), University of Tokyo (2004), Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (2004), UCLA Hammer Museum’s Digital Storytelling Conference, UC-Berkeley’s 040404 Conference (2004), USC Aim Festival IV (2003), and the ICA London (2002). He is a core Open Source developer on Inkscape (, a scalable vector graphics editor, the Open Clip Art Library (, and is writing/producing a book, “CVS: Concurrency, Versioning and Systems.” Currently, he is visiting faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute ( in the Design+Technology department and is community developer for the Creative Commons (

Phillips completed his MFA in June of 2004 at the University of California, San Diego, where he studied with Lev Manovich ( and additionally with Sheldon Brown, Geof Bowker, Jack Greenstein and Joseph Goguen. He completed a BFA, New Media, at the Kansas City Art Institute where he studied with Patrick Clancy ( He is affiliated with San Francisco Art Institute, Overlap (, ( and various free and open communities.

The system for bibliographic information in Wikipedia and other wiki-properties is currently done in an ad-hoc fashion, yet relationships between these sources and their various usages is difficult to find and confirm. It is from these references and citations to articles in a wiki which many people use as metrics for accuracy and trust in wiki properties. Quite Simply, the less connections to diverse source, the less trust users have to content wiki content.

Wikibiblio is a community-based web system for editing references and citations which any site on the web may link to, users may contribute to, and copyright status is determined. The strength of Wikibiblio is that is globally focused on international copyright law, local jurisdiction copyright law, and inter-relationship.

For this special announcement of this new project, the basics of the system will be unveiled as well as pointers to how others may get involved with contributing and developing the system.

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