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Free Culture Space

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

The idea was originally from Elizabeth Stark, SJ Klein, David Still, Andrew Lih, Phoebe and some other people, TzuChiang Liou put some ideas together and make few changes as follow.

Free Culture Space

As SJ has tried to do in Boston, the Free Culture Space at Wikimania 2007 will be a remix of multiple open culture essences. There will be topics ranging from open source to open content, both practically and theoretically, in the form of recording tools for capturing audio and video (interviews and art and more), Demos of open platforms and projects, BOFs and lightning talks around related topics, hands-on training in using tools (writing code, making podcasts, developing for OLPCs and OpenMokos), a digital artworks exhibition (including material made at Wikimania)... We would like to invite all participants and groups working on art, music, articles, textbooks, and programming to join, share, learn and enjoy.

All participants are encouraged to suggest topics for our Free Culture Space, which will be an ad-hoc opportunity to create and share new work, and discuss and present ideas, without a fixed schedule. This will also be a good place to record your observations at the conference and build discussion of your work on the conference wiki.

You may find more background information about the wikimania lounge here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_WikipediaWeekly/Wikimania_2007

The Free Culture Space consists of 3 parts: the Wikimania Lounge, Posters and Exhibitions

  • You may check the Floor Plan here
Room 319
Room 319


Wikimania Lounge

The Wikimania Lounge will be in 319, a open space on the First Floor (with food, cafe and sofa), with some tracks in the lounge (listed below).

Each track consist of some topics, the organizer (facilitator) of each topic should write down a abstract or summary of what was and will be discussed, and all tracks should have their own topics or agendas and announce that on the conference wiki before it begin, then invite people to participate.

The idea of the open space tracks is let participants manage your own agenda, based on previous experience, many interesting and attractive new ideas and suggestions have been born through the open space track, please do sign on your idea and join our event.

BTW, one of the other key spirits of open space is that only those interested in the topic should participate, if you feel not interested in certain topics, just leave and join another one!


  • Visualizations
    Large-scale visualizations ofrecentchanges that we could project onto a wall-- their new colorful vis effort (mentioned at the last wikimania) is pretty mature now, and they would enjoy a large scale demonstration to work towards. -- SJ (nb -- need to talk to Martin about running this)
    Have a projector and screen that can show some cool visualizations and Recent Changes displays... like a live graph of how much traffic there is on Wikipedia, and showing the activity within the community. -- Andrew (at least run rcbirds or some of the colorful vandalfighters for various languages -- find someone to prepare this for each tool)
  • Remixing Wikipedia demo -- how would this work?
  • openmoko demo -- how many will there be?
  • OLPC XO demos -- there will be 4-5, for coding, testing, and playing (see SJ or mako for more); along with guidelines for making learning activities, and design guidelines for applications.

Birds of a Feather discussions (Bofs)

  • Free Culture Space/Bofs are places for all communities to gather, chat and exchange experiences more informally. You may propose your idea and discuss with other participants at Free Culture Space/Bofs, then schedule your time at this page, thanks!
  • BOF4: 8/4 PM 2:30~3:30
    • Interactive Net Art Lounge

Lightning Talks

  • Lightning Talk #1 : 8/3 PM 4:00~5:00
    • JakobVoss, Obfuscated Wikicode Contest
    • Add your name and title here
  • Lightning Talk #2 : 8/4 PM 3:45~4:45
    • Add your name and title here
  • Lightning Talk #3 : 8/5 PM 1:15~2:15
    • Add your name and title here


  • Train for collaboration, distributing media, etc

Wikipedia Weekly

  • Wikipedia Weekly: Interview and podcasting for the Wikimedia Weekly


  1. SAUER, Christoph | WikiCreole and its practical applications - the future of wiki interaction (SC2) 中文翻譯
    SMITH, Chuck | WikiCreole and its practical applications - the future of wiki interaction (SC2) 中文翻譯
  2. GELAUFF, Lodewijk | Stroopwafelmania (LG2) 中文翻譯
    KIZU, Noako | Stroopwafelmania (LG2) 中文翻譯
  3. VILLMAN, Juha | Heande: making health and environment related decision making and risk assessment transparent (JV2) 中文翻譯
  4. MINGUS, Brian | Using Natural Language Processing to determine the quality of Wikipedia articles (BM2) 中文翻譯
  5. SENABRE, Enric | Earth edit (ES2) 中文翻譯
  6. BACHELET, Remi | PeopleWiki: wikis as community tools (RB1) 中文翻譯
  7. CHEN, Kuan-Ta | Detecting Bad Mouthing Behavior in Reputation Systems (CYC1) 中文翻譯
  8. 劉明祥 | An Empirical Study of Online Community Lurkers’ behaviors toward knowledge sharing─Using “Wikipedia” as a Case Study (LMS1) 中文翻譯
  9. MARTONE, Michael | Improving the accuracy of medical content on Wikipedia (MM1) 中文翻譯
  10. JACOBSON, Dan 積丹尼 | Natural fits for wiki article/category (DJ1) 中文
  11. CHEN, Chien Chin | Mining the Bipolar Orientation of Web Reviews (CCC1) 中文翻譯
    CHEN, Meng Chang | Mining the Bipolar Orientation of Web Reviews (CCC1) 中文翻譯
  12. PUYAL, Oscar | Wikipedia mobile interaction (OP1) 中文翻譯
  13. Adam Hyde | Free Manuals for free software (AH1) 中文翻譯
  14. CHOU, Shoichi | WikistickTitleWikistick (SC3) 中文翻譯
  15. SHIH, YuHsin | Improving Reliability of Web 2.0-based Rating Systems Using Per-user Trustiness (YHS1) 中文翻譯
    CHEN, LingJyh | Improving Reliability of Web 2.0-based Rating Systems Using Per-user Trustiness (YHS1) 中文翻譯
    CHEN, Kuan-Ta | Improving Reliability of Web 2.0-based Rating Systems Using Per-user Trustiness (YHS1) 中文翻譯


  • "Virtual i.d.ea" - Interactive Net Art
    • Exhibition-1 (Corridor) : Interactive net art
      • Many me (張炳傑, 武治中, 林雅芳, 郭冠良, 吳昌哲)
      • 報紙機 / Newspaper Vending Machine (黃孝承)
    • Exhibition-2 (Room 312) : Interactive net art
      • 一百萬個心跳 / One million Heartbeats (許素朱, 林經堯, 陳家文, 陳瀅中, 林俊賢, 林世昌, 余孟杰, 張耿豪,張耿華)
      • 一個都不能少 / Not One Less (葛如鈞, 詹力韋, 許加緯, 陳郁欣)
  • Exhibition-3 (Room 313)
    • Mobile Brush, Keith Lam (Hong Kong)
    • Neon Organic/ElectroPlastique #2,Marius Watz (Norway)
    • Reactmemory,Microplayground(Taiwan)

Equipment and staff needed

  • 10 computer workstations that people can use for email and work as they like. These would be communal, and we ask folks to not spend more than 20 minutes at a time if there are folks waiting for access.
  • 4 XOs that people can use for email, mesh interaction and hacking as they like... available most of the time (except for explicit demos taking place elsewhere)
  • An extra 4-6 computers dedicated to image uploading, editing, working on multimedia and article editing, etc. Since most people use Windows we could have 3 windows and 3 linux -- so people can see what the available toolchains are for each.
  • Also would like to have an area with a podium, projector and about 20 seats, so we can have mini tutorials to demo things.
  • Of course, like the original proposal -- lots of drinks and snacks throughout the day, so people will be drawn to the area. Some lounging areas with sofas and tables to facilitiate relaxing and meeting folks. Also lots of power strips for ppl to plug in laptops and use Wifi.