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Presenters/Oscar Puyal

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2007. (Index of presentations)

Oscar Puyal

AffiliationVodafone Group R&D
Oscar Puyal is the open source coordinator in the Huesca Vodafone Group R&D Center. He began his experience in the Telecommunications World in 1987, working in several projects just before the telecommunications expansion. In 1992 he was part of the telecommunications management team in the Barcelona Olympic Games. Since then, he worked in the configuration and implementation of several transmission and switching networks. In 1996 he joined Vodafone, at that time Airtel, in the network configuration team where he contributed, as expert, to implement the second mobile operator in Spain. In 2003 he became part of the leading team of the Vodafone Software Center placed in Huesca, actually a well-known software R&D prestigious center. Now he is working from Vodafone Group R&D to promote the free software trend.