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Vision for Wikiversity: academy, popular education/folk high school and free school

Author Teemu Leinonen (Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki)
Track Wikimedia Community
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About the author
Teemu Leinonen

Teemu Leinonen leads the Learning Environments research group of the Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki. The group is involved in research, design and development of New Media tools, as well as their use and application, in the field of learning. The research group has coordinated research and development projects funded by The European Commission (IST), National Technology Agency of Finland (TEKES), the Nordic Council of Ministers and the UNESCO.


Wikiversity is still taking it form. It looks that the community is not yet exactly sure what they are or what they want to be. Some parts of Wikiversity is already becoming a real online learning community or educational entity. One may even see some signs of it becoming an educational institution. The slogans promises a lot: "Free Learning Community" and "set learning free".

There is a chance that Wikiversity will become the online academy, the online institution of popular education/folk high school and the free online school. In my talk I will open up these concepts by explaining how classical philosophers, Scandinavian educational reformers, and number or radical pedagogical thinkers around the world have used the terms. Based on this I will present several ideas related to the future of Wikiversity.

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