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This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2007 (Index of presentations)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of TaiwanBaseballWiki

Authors SinnCheng Lin (TKU DILS), YuShyen Lin (TKU DILS)
License GNU Free Documentation License (details)
About the authors
Sinn Cheng Lin is a Associate Professor in the Information and Library Science of the University of Tamkang,Taipei,Taiwan,R.O.C.,He is a founder of Taiwan-BaseballWiki.
Yu Shyen Lin is a graduate student in the Information and Library Science of the University of Tamkang,Taipei,Taiwan,R.O.C.,She is a project assistant of Taiwan-BaseballWiki.
"TaiwanBaseballWiki" has provided a Wiki platform for users to participate in the digital reservation of baseball cultural assets since 2005.This research discuss the effectiveness of TaiwanBaseballWiki for past two years. First, this study collected data from 2005/4/14 to 2007/5/7 and used several statistical indices to analyze their relations, it shows that:(1)The page views grows up approximately 15% for monthly average, besides the total views has over 2.8 million among them, and the 75% views is from 20% pages.(2)The registered users has grown up almost 35% per month and up to 750 users, but only 149 people(19.8%) edited more than 10 times, however, they has done 99% of all edits, of which the 14 core users(1.86%), they even contributed 80% of edits.(3)The newly created web pages has grown up almost 10% per month, but only 764 of more than 9000 baseball pages had been average viewed over 10 times; mostly category of “people” were viewed, aged 35.5 on average, and it shows that users were interested in current baseball players. Moreover, the research also use questionnaire method to understanding community users and the result shows that:(1)The respondents were mostly young fans, aged 24.8 on average.(2)64% of respondents were unregistered user, and the mainly reasons were that it got no influence on this when they surfed the website.(3)Only 34% of respondents had participated in writing pages in order to rich the content of website .Finally, this research offered some principles of the main pages which according to several indicators and suggested that the “TaiwanBaseballWiki” should focus on the followings: promoting the quality of the content、active to develop the historical content and to enhance the use of the knowledge to obtain a balance between the past and current baseball stars after understanding the characteristics of the community users.

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