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Wikimania:Official Website Proposal

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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為了讓所有關心Wikimania 2007的人都可以順利取得資訊,並且有管道表達意見和發問,我們需要一起協力將Wikimania 2007官方網站架設完成。本手冊的目的,便在於讓願意一起編輯這個網站的伙伴有所依據。

In order for everyone who cares about the Wikimania 2,007 could easily obtain information, express opinions and asking questions, we should put our efforts together to setup the official Wikimania 2,007 web site. The purpose of this handbook is to help whoever likes to join us and edit together.


This handbook is also an on going page under editing and discussion, please feel free to add your precious ideas in the discussion page.

Goals of this Website

First of all, who are the targeted audiences of this website? What kinds of contents should be presented? 首先,這個網站是要給什麼人看的呢?我們又應該提供什麼樣的內容頁面?

  • For those who doesn't know what is Wikimania: introduce Wikimania 2007 to them briefly.
  • 沒概念只是進來逛逛的人:在最短時間裡介紹Wikimania 2007。
  • For those who wants to participate: information regarding registration, qualification, costs, and travle information and Q&A.
  • 想知道怎麼參加年會的人:報名程序、報名條件、所需經費及旅途須知、發問的地方。
  • For those who wants to contribute him/herself to the events: handbook for volunteers, current status and discussion.
  • 想為年會貢獻一起之力的人:志工手冊、目前籌備進度、討論的場所。
  • For those who has decided to attend:
  • 已經決定與會的人:
    • Cruical Travel information: Visas, Lodging, and local information.
    • 旅途須知:簽證、住宿、當地生活須知。
    • Conference Materials: agendas, topics for discussion, keynote speakers, and venue.
    • 會議資料:議程、預備討論的話題、講者介紹、場地介紹。
    • Information besides the conference: attractions, local sightseeing, short term trips, and gourmet cuisines.
    • 會議外的活動:週邊景點、短途旅遊、一至三日中程旅遊、美食。
    • Raise obstacles and search for solutions.
    • 提出疑難,尋求解決。
  • For those who has decided not to attend but like to keep updated: near real-time update and on-line forum.
  • 已經決定不與會但是很關注年會的人:有臨場感的資訊、可線上參與的討論區。
  • Media: news materials, interview requirements, tips for depth information, and contact information of our speakers.
  • 媒體:可以直接寫成新聞的新聞稿、採訪須知、可以深入採訪的提示、發言人聯絡方法。
  • For intended sponsors: list of options to sposor, expected benefits, list of current sponsors.
  • 有意願贊助的廠商:等待贊助的項目、可期待的贊助效益、目前已有的贊助廠商。
  • For current sposors: expected benefits.
  • 已贊助的廠商:可見的贊助效益。

Pages Needed

General Information
The Team

如何參與 How to Particiapte

因為維基精神就是協作與分享,所以我們期望Wikimania 2007的官方網站也能夠是一個集體創作的成果。所有願意貢獻一己之力的伙伴可以做哪些事情,這裡列有一個可能但未窮盡的名單: The spirit of wikipedia is collaboration and sharing and therefore we expect this official web site of Wikimania 2007 becomes a joint achievement of collective creation. For those who wants to contribute, following is a never ending task list:

  • 網站規劃 Web Site Design
    • 使網站地圖更完善 Improve site map
    • 編修編輯手冊(即本手冊) Modify editing handbook (this page)
    • 整理條目名稱(配合頁面分類和語言連結) Organize article titles (Categorize pages and establish iner-language links)
    • 參與關於網站規劃的討論(至討論與發問/官方網站) Join online discussion
  • 內容編輯 Contents Editing
    • 協助收集、整理、編寫網站各頁面 Assemble, organize information and compose web site pages
    • 審查網站內容資訊是否正確 Validate page contents
    • 參與關於網站內容的討論(至討論與發問/官方網站) Join online discussion
  • 版面美化 Layout Improvement
    • 版面的設計與美化 Layout design and improvement
    • 繪製圖案、拍攝照片 Compose graphics and photos
    • 參與關於版面設計的討論(至討論與發問/官方網站) Join online discussion
  • 翻譯(參與翻譯頁面) Translation (Page Translation)
  • 協助編寫 Q&A Compile Q&A
    • 設想可能會有的提案,並預擬回答 Question and resolution simulation
    • 整理討論區的各種問題,編輯為Q&A Compile qiestions from forum into Q&A

工作小組 Web Site Design Team

為了讓整個編輯工作更為便利,並且讓各種疑問得到快速解答,底下將把整個網站編輯工作分為數個小組,並於每小組中指派小組長,此外,每個小組所對應到的籌備工作,也設一個籌備團隊聯絡人。 In order to simply editing tasks and increase response performance of questioning, following is the list of web site design team. There is a team lead in each of them. There is also a designated contact personal as the bridge between each team and preparation team.

  • 首頁及簡介小組(首頁、簡介、網站地圖) Home Page and Synopsis Team (Home page, sysnopis, and site map)
    • 小組長(維護首頁、年會簡介、網站地圖)Team Lead (Maintain home page, conference introduction and site map):
    • 籌備團隊聯絡人(提供首頁、簡介所需資料)Contac (provide required information):mingwangx
    • 小組成員 Team Member:
  • 版面設計 Layout Design Team
    • 小組長(統籌各種版面設計,並決定整體風格)Team Lead (Coordinate design tasks and overall styles):
    • 小組成員 Team Mamber:
  • 條目名稱整理 Article Title Management Team
    • 小組長(整理條目名稱,管理重定向)Team Lead (Manage titles and redirect):
  • 報名 Registration Team
    • 小組長(負責編輯報名資訊相關頁面)Team Lead (Responsible for editing registraion pages):
    • 籌備團隊聯絡人(提供報名相關資訊)Contact (Provide requirement information):
    • 小組成員 Team Mamber:
  • 會議 Conference Team
    • 小組長(負責編輯議程及會議資訊相關頁面)Team Lead (Responsible for editing agendas and conference pages):
    • 籌備團隊聯絡人(提供議程及會議資訊相關資訊)Contact (Provide requirement information):
    • 小組成員 Team Member:
  • 贊助 Sponsorship Team
    • 本類頁面由籌備團隊維護 Preparation team is responsible for pages in this category.
  • 城市 Host City Team
    • 小組長(負責編輯旅遊、交通、景點相關頁面)Team Lead (Responsible for tour, transporation and attraction pages):
    • 本組不需要團隊聯絡人 No cotact personal needed
    • 小組成員 Team Member:Kikuchi阿佳
  • 媒體 Media Team
    • 本類頁面由籌備團隊維護 Preparation team is responsible for pages in this category.
  • 討論與發問 Discusstion and Questions
    • 小組長(負責維護所有討論與發問頁面)Team Lead (Responsible for Q&A pages):
    • 籌備團隊聯絡人(將問題轉發至相關執行人員)Contact (Redirect questions to relevant members):mingwangx
    • 小組成員 Team Member:
  • Q&A
    • 小組長(負責整理各種已被回答的問題)Team Lead (Organize all answered questions):
    • 小組成員 Team Member:
  • 翻譯 Translation Team
    • 小組長(負責控制各小組翻譯進度)Team Lead (Manage translation progresses):
    • 籌備團隊聯絡人(將翻譯資料轉發至相關執行人員)Contact (Distribute materials to relevant members):
    • 小組成員 Team Member: