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Team and Volunteers

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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Please see also: Translation team and Acknowledgement.

Both previous Wikimania conferences succeeded through the efforts of our many conference volunteers. There were positions open for both local and non-local volunteers. We encourage every Wikimania 2007 conference attendee to consider helping make this year's community even more successful.

Quick Contacts To the Team Members

Mission Responser Time Languages Contacts
General Theodoranian Taipei, UTC+8 zh, en-3 theodoranian at gmail dot com, +886-910-008-330
Programs Tzu-Chiang Liou Taipei, UTC+8 zh, en-2 tcliou_AT_iis_sinica_edu_tw, tcliou(skype), tcliou@msn.com(msn), +886-937835052
Hacking Days Mike "b6s" T. J. Jiang Taipei, UTC+8 zh, en-2 barabbas_AT_gmail_DOT_com, +886-2-27883799#1364
Sponsorship KJ Taipei, UTC+8 zh, en-2
Scholarship roc New York, UTC-4/5 zh, en-3
Public relations Frances Huang Taipei, UTC+8 zh, en-2 +886-928755187, frances_AT_iis_sinica_edu_tw
Film Festival Chuck Smith Heilbronn, UTC+2 en, eo-4, de-3,
es-2, fr-2, nl-2
chuckssmith_AT_gmail_com, +49 7131 504 474
Website Alex S.H. Lin Taipei, UTC+8 zh, en-1, ja-2
Translation Hsiang-Tai Chien Taipei, UTC+8 zh, en-3 hsiangtai.chien_AT_gmail_DOT_com, ulead_hsiangtai(skype)
Venue & Registration DAUCTER Taipei, UTC+8 zh, en-3
Volunteer BusterD New York, UTC-4/5 en, zh-0
Volunteer Jidanni Taibei, UTC+8 en, zh... +886-4-25854780, +886-963-114343 jidanni@jidanni.org

Mailing list

Current Needs

See Also: Team Bulletin on Oct. 28, Volunteers for translation

  • Onsite Conference Session Moderators As our program schedule firms up, we'll need capable folks to assist in the important tasks of introducing, thanking, and otherwise wrangling those nice folks presenting at conference sessions.
  • Translator (worldwide)
Translate basic pages and periodical reports (like Team Bulletin).
Translate Wikimania papers.
  • School promotion tour and volunteer training (in Taiwan)
The team is looking for contact persons from each school for the "Campus promotion tour and volunteer training" activity. The team asks any student associations, computer centers, clubs, and libraries in Taiwan that are interested to contact the team.

On-site and Remote volunteering options

There are many volunteer opportunities on-site and opportunities people can do from afar, so here's that breakdown. Of course, anyone can do anything. There are just some tasks better handled from the conference itself as opposed to from Mumbai. Volunteers working more than 50 hours can attend the conference at no cost (you must still pay airfare, food, and housing).

On-site Options

  • Press coordinator
  • Local publicity coordinator
see above
  • Field trip(s) leader
see above
  • On-site session monitor coordinator
    • Individual session monitors
  • Session bloggers
  • Site crew/gopher coordinator
    • Set-up assistants (Thursday)
    • Tear-down assistants (Monday)
    • Conference gophers
  • Desk staff
    • Information desk
    • Registration desk
  • Audiovisual monitoring/training coordinator
    • A/V room assistants
  • Online conference coordinator
    • Transcription coordinator
      • Individual session transcribers
    • Podcasting coordinator
    • Blogging & Site 'zine coordinator
  • Conference gear/schwag on-site sales

Remote volunteering options

  • Help ? with the program
  • Sponsorship coordination
  • Local information coordination
  • Press coordinator
  • Local publicity coordinator
  • Events coordinator
  • Conference gear/schwag
    • Design and production
  • Translation coordination
  • Help maintain this wiki
  • Publicize the conference


By following is a list of team members working on Wikimania planning. If you are interested in some task listed on the latest Team Bulletin, feel free to contact with team members.

General Coordination



  • Erik Moeller
  • James D. Forrester

Hacking Days

Social Events



  • Sandra Ordonez , International Sponsorship


  • Anthere
  • Theodoranian


  • Alice Chiang (United Daily News Group), Accountant, Auditing, Financial planner
  • Hsin-chen Hsu (United Daily News Group), Treasurer



Media & Promotion



Audio/Video Streams and Online Participation

Technology is for stuff outside of just AV.




WikiRedPen is an early Wikipedia user and occasional novice editor. Native English (American) speaker, educated in Taiwan, living in Japan, willing to help as a social (non-technical) English-Chinese-Japanese interpreter if needed. If an application to volunteer other than this posting is needed, please advise. WikiRedPen 18:53, 4 May 2007 (UTC)[reply]

See also Category:Wikimania_2007_Volunteer.

Volunteers training



  • Littleb

Visas & Entry Permits