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Audio/Video Streams

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

Online audio/video (a/v) streams and archives will not be possible without strong planning and coordination. Requirements include camera operators, recording equipment, wired internet connections, hosting providers, and audio/video editors. Broadcasting the conference is the first priority; enabling two-way communication is feasible with additional manpower. The requirements listed below are generalized instructions for any regional/international conference.

It has been proposed to hold a meeting on IRC to discuss technical needs and organise a plan of action for Wikimania's audiovisual capability. This can be coordinated at: Audio/Video Streams/Meeting - and needs to be coordinated with Venue/Equipments.


  • Needed: Volunteers familiar with basic operation of consumer-grade firewire-enabled digital video camcorders. Responsible for remaining in assigned room during talks, recoding talks on tape, and feeding the live data stream to an on-site laptop. Technical assistance and training are available upon request.
  • Needed: Wireless microphones and/or microphone boons, digital cameras, tripods, light sources, firewire cables, and other recording equipment. Current TV has a high-quality online training guide with equipment and recording recommendations. Most cameras will be stationary; mobile cameras are useful but require additional equipment. Note that NTSC vs. PAL is important.
  • Needed: Volunteer archivists that will edit recorded video to add titles, trim video, and assist in post-conference distribution using FLOSS codecs. Cinerella-cv is a good option.
  • Needed: Linux laptops with ample RAM and CPU speed. Non-intrusive Live CDs are a good possibility. USB 2.0 external hard drives a plus. FLOSS tools: dvgrab, ffmpeg2theora, and icecast
  • Needed: On-site wired internet connections. Wireless may be too slow, unavailable in some locations, or too heavily used. Participants at Wikimania 2006 were asked to limit their wireless bandwidth usage.
  • Needed: High-bandwidth hosting providers and mirrors. Universities are a good option, as well as Wikimedia Foundation server rooms.
  • Needed: Online participants and translators. End-user instructions about how to view live streams. In-browser applet that supports Ogg Theora. (Example.)
  • Needed: Translators.

Volunteer list

Equipment list

(One recording station per room needed.)

  • None currently.

My name is gianni oconnor and i will have 2 tripods ,2 firewire camcorders and microphones a proffesional editing software (sony vegas).

Tech support

  • What tech support roles are needed and who do we have to fill them? (Fill in names of staff/volunteers/companies after roles)
    • Make sure that equipment is working in each room before each talk - (people?)
    • Operating equipment - microphones (people?), video cameras (people?), mixing desk (people?)
  • Are there people who are going to be non-conference participants providing this (as in Boston), or is it a completely voluntary effort (as in Frankfurt)?