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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

This page is focused on some of the various technology aspects which will be needed to bring together several of the Wikimania projects.

Players include:

  • Wikiversity. We want to be involved to learn things, as part of learning projects
  • Wikimania. To get the message out.
  • Wikinews. To report on the big WikiMedia event of the year.

This list isn't complete and the objectives aren't exhaustive. It's a wiki, feel free to add and expand.


A list of what we need (equipment), and what we have to do.

For presentations

  • Collect audio/video/slide information. We'd like this to be done all in one spot, to simplify things for the presenter.
  • Distribute the audio and slide info in the room. (People in attendence need to see slides and hear the presenter).
  • Distribute the audio/video/slide info to a server. We would like to have a physical cable between the room and the server location, if feasible, to avoid interference.


  • It would be nice if we have someone manning a camera, to provide some variety in shots and allow the presenters free roam through the room; if this isn't possible, one fixed sized shot will have to do
  • We need to have presenters close to the mic. Ideally this could be a wireless tieclip mic, but if we need we will have them tote one around.
  • IMPORTANT: We need to know if there are problems with disclosure of any parts of a presentation. Ideally they will all be GFDL (and CC-by-SA dual lic.), but if not, we should know that upfront.
  • Can we have an audience mic connected in this setup? Do the audience members have to come up to the front? (Can we get feedback from our stream users too?)

For participants