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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

Thank you very much for volunteering to be a moderator for Wikimania 2007. We hope that session times and instructions have finally reache a stable status but this is Wikimania so changes are likely. May the edit button be with you. The current version of this page (including links) is available at

Details of the sessions are linked from the schedule. If you have questions you may ask TzuChiang Liou and Jakob Voss.

Types of moderators

Keynote moderators (K)
Moderators of keynote sessions should acquire some volunteers to handle the audience microphones during the question and answer session.
Session moderators (S)
This is the main sort of moderation, and applies to all presentations and panels, and also to workshops and discussions where the speaker does not wish to self-moderate.
Room-only moderators (R)
For some workshops and discussion groups, speakers are happy to self-moderate. In these cases, you need only check the room and ensure the speakers know how to get there. There is no need for an introduction or for you to remain in the session for these.
Lightning moderators (L)
Timekeeping will be difficult but important for the lightning talk sessions. Please make extra sure your speakers understand the time limits and be prepared to enforce these.


  1. Find your speaker(s) as soon as possible and introduce yourself to them.
  2. Find out some information that your speakers would like you to say about them and their topic in your introduction (unless the speaker is self-moderating and requires no introduction)
  3. Make sure your speakers know which room they will be speaking in.
  4. Make sure your speakers know how long they must speak for.
  5. Ask the speakers to be at the room at least 10 minutes in advance of their session.
  6. Make sure you have a watch or clock so you can end the session on time.
  7. You may want to remind the audience to switch off their phones.
  8. Briefly introduce the speakers and their topic unless they are intending to self-moderate (see speakers abstract in the Proceedings).
  9. Ensure the speaker finishes on time. You should pick up printed time cards so that you can hold these up to show the speaker when they have a given amount of minutes remaining.
  10. Field questions from the audience if the speaker does not want to handle that themselves (you should check in advance which they prefer).
  11. At the end of the session, thank the speakers for speaking and the audience for attending. Tell the audience what is next on the schedule and where to go for that.
  12. Make sure that the files with the slides are collected of all speakers. Session assistants have an USB-stick where all slides must be collected.

Session Assistants

This year we have local volunteers as session assistants, they'll work with moderators to facilitate the process of all sessions.

  1. Find your speaker(s) and moderators as soon as possible and introduce yourself to them.
  2. Make sure your speakers know which room they will be speaking in.
  3. Ask the speakers to be at the room at least 10 minutes in advance of their session.
  4. Check the room is ready at least 15 minutes before the session.
  5. Make sure water and cups are available for the speakers.
  6. Make sure the microphones work if any are present and call someone to help if you can't get them working.
  7. Make sure the notebook in the room is working and internet is working on it
  8. Collect the files of the slides of the speakers at the USB-stick for the room
  9. Take notes for the Daily Wrap-up at (1-3 sentences with number of participants, interesting incidents etc.)

Moderation schedule - Day 1

See the schedule for details "(LV)" stands for Local Volunteer.

Session No. Room Presenters Moderator Session Assistant
Opening Restaurant Florence, Jimmy Wales (welcome speech) Angela
101 Hall Benjamin Mako Hill, Kat Walsh Erik Moeller Christine(LV)
102 325 Jakob Voss, Denny Vrandecic Jakob Voss (Self-Moderate) Mel Chua(LV)
103 328 Enric Senabre Hidalgo, Su-Chu Hsu, Ju-Chun Ko. Sylvain Zimmer Kizu Naoko Gladys(LV)
104 332 Anthony Mao, Thomas Tsai, Yu, Long-Shan Sung, Chien-chen, Deputy Director-General of National Central Library Allen(LV)
105 334 Seth Anthony, Lawrence Liang Kim Elaine(LV)
106 319 (Spare session) Tingja(LV)
201 Hall Erik Moeller Angela Adam Hyde Christine(LV)
202 325 Jack Herrick Ta-Yi Lin, Deputy project leader of Taiwan encyclopedia Julie(LV)
203 328 Revo Soekatno, Ravi Kant Jakob Voss Jessie(LV)
204 332 Lawrence Liang, Teresa Malango Evan Prodromou Allen(LV)
205 334 michele, Kizu Naoko Self moderate (Kizu) Elaine(LV)
206 319 (Spare session) Tingja(LV)
301 Hall Samuel Klein Benjamin Mako Hill Christine(LV)
302 325 Gerard Meijssen Julie(LV)
303 328 Sabahat Ashraf, David Beall Angela Jessie(LV)
304 332 Harel Cain, Chia-Wei Chiu Jakob Voss Allen(LV)
305 334 Guillaume Paumier Enric Senabre Elaine(LV)
306 319 Masayuki Hatta: adam hyde Tingja(LV)
401 Hall Jimmy Wales Angela Christine(LV)
402 325 Gerard Meijssen Workshop, Self Moderate Julie(LV)
403 328 David Pendery Self Moderate with Charles Chen Jessie(LV)
404 332 Dominick Chen Adam_Hyde Allen(LV)
405 334 Elizabeth Stark & Samuel Klein Workshop, Self Moderate Elaine(LV)
406 319 Lightning talks #1 Mel Chua, Phoebe Ayers Tingja(LV)
Wrap-Up Hall Phoebe Ayers, Jakob Voss, TzuChiang Liou
Poster-Session Hall Jakob Voss

Moderation schedule - Day 2

See schedule for details. Empty means no one moderate that session for now, please do help moderate if you're interested and available.
Session No. Room Presenters Moderator Session Assistant Remark
Opening Lecture
Session 5
501 Lecture Achal Prabhala, Joris Komen Shunling Chen Sherry(LV)
502 325 Haidong Pan, Mathias Schindler Christophe Henner Vikki(LV)
503 328 Teemu Leinonen, Cormac Lawler Mel Chua
504 332 Brian Mingus, Luca De Alfaro Markus Krötzsch Tingja(LV)
505 334 Craig Spurrier self-moderate Aurelia(LV)
506 319 Allen(LV)
Session 6
601 Lecture Ward Cunningham, Valentin Jijkoun (TBC), James Forrester, Dirk Riehle self Sherry(LV)
602 325 Chao-Kuei Hung Mel Chua Vikki(LV)
603 328 Isaac Mao Christophe Henner EL(LV)
604 332 David Pendery, KaKan Lo ...?... Tingja(LV)
605 334 Li-Hua Wu, Jun-Fa Wong ...?... Aurelia(LV)
606 319 Allen(LV)
Session 7
701 Lecture Raoul Weiler Heather Ford Sherry(LV)
702 325 Renaud Gaudin, Kim Tucker Enric Senabre Peggy(LV)
703 328 Ida Suandi, Jan-bart De Vreede Christophe Henner jia-hwei(LV)
704 332 Michael Dale, Ping Yeh Mike Tian-Jian "b6s" Jiang EL(LV)
705 334 SJ Mel Chua, self Evelyn(LV)
706 319 Elaine(LV)
Session 8
801 Lecture Melissa Hagemann, Erin McKean Phoebe Ayers Sherry(LV)
802 325 Kate (Aude), Evan Prodromou Dongpo Deng Peggy(LV)
803 328 Cormac Lawler self jia-hwei(LV)
804 332 Alexis Rondeau, Hector Rinaldi, Stan Wiechers Workshop, Self Moderate EL(LV)
805 334 (Election Panel) Jan-Bart de Vreede Evelyn(LV)
806 319 Elaine(LV)
Session 9
901 Lecture Mike Godwin, Kat Walsh, Andrew Lih Workshop, Self Moderate Sherry(LV)
902 325 Yuri Astrakhan Workshop, Self Moderate Peggy(LV)
903 328 Kim Tucker Workshop, Self Moderate / isaac mao could help as well / Teemu Leinonen could help as well El(LV)
Need a scribe and someone to drive Freemind. Co-facilitation notes
904 332 Dirk Riehle Workshop, Self Moderate EL(LV)
905 334 Adam Hyde Workshop, Self Moderate Evelyn(LV)
906 319 Lightning talks #2 Mel Chua Elaine(LV)

Moderation schedule - Day 3

See schedule for details. Empty means no one moderate that session for now, please do help moderate if you're interested and available.

Session No. Room Presenters Moderator Session Assistant Remark
welcome Hall
Session 10
1001 Hall Wayne Mackintosh, Delphine Ménard Austin, Mel Chua (Kim is also willing to help out here if needed) Tingja(LV)
1002 Auditorium Spare room
1003 325 Brion Vibber, Brian Behlendorf Masayuki Hatta peggy(LV)
1004 328 Brianna Laugher, James Hare Jakob Voss (but I don't insist to) Gladys(LV)
1005 332 LIN, Yu-Shyen, Kwang-Tsao Shao Ching-Yi Liu Dana(LV)
1006 334 Rebecca MacKinnon, Craig Spurrier Ching Chiao Christine(LV)
Session 11
1102 Auditorium Plenary - Joi ito Ilya Phoebe Ayers
Session 12
1201 Hall Benjamin Mako Hill, Alain Desilets Jakob Voss Tingja(LV)
1202 Auditorium Spare room
1203 325 Christoph Sauer, Chuck Smith, Jon Phillips Mike Tian-Jian "b6s" Jiang 林虹萲(LV)
1204 328 Heather Ford, Elizabeth Stark, Sylvain Zimmer Workshop, Self Moderate Gladys(LV)
1205 332 Digital Art, Open source Isaac Mao Dana(LV)
1206 334 Greg Stein Angela Evelyn(LV)
1007 lounge Lightning talks #3 Cormac, Mel EL(LV)
Session 13
1102 Auditorium Plenary: Wikimedia Foundation Board Panel Florence Andrew Lih, Mel Chua, James F., Phoebe Ayers, Austin Hair
Session 14
1102 Auditorium Closing Speech-Jimmy Wales Andrew Lih Phoebe Ayers
1102 Auditorium Awards session
closing session
1102 Auditorium Wrap-up, closing gala & ceremony

Free Culture Space

Ligthning Talks

  • Andrew Lih will be our moderator of Ligthning Talks