Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

Co-facilitators may help people understand what is required. We need a scribe or two (English and Chinese), an interpreter (Chinese <--> English), and someone to drive Freemind.

We will be flexible, but the plan is as follows:

15:45 Introductions and Overview

Depending on how many people come, we will go round the room and ask people to introduce themselves.

Then I will give a brief mention of WikiEducator, Wikiversity and use of other wikimedia projects in education, and invite participants to tell us about other wiki learning projects.

16:00 Identifying the positive core of learning

Participants will interview each other about their most positive learning experiences. An interview schedule will be provided. Each participant will be an interviewer for 10 minutes and an interviewee for 10 minutes. [i.e. interview the person sitting next to you - preferably someone you do not know already].

16:20 Identifying the key success factors for these learning experiences

During the interviews the participants will identify the key success factors of the learning experience they described to their interviewer. Here we ask the participants to share these with everyone.

While the participants state the factors, our scribe will write these into a mindmap (e.g. Freemind) using a projector so people can see them, and we will try to cluster the factors which are similar.

16:30 Scenarios of wiki learning activities.

Finally we will collectively develop one or more user stories for a hypothetical learner in the future.

16:45 Close.

Regarding the stories shared, the interviews will be based on those sought for Lore of Learning.