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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

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Hello, I am SJ Klein, living in Boston (UTC-4) but sporadically out of town. For more about me, email me or see my Wikipedia page. You can write me at meta.sj at gmail.

On speakers

We need more interesting speakers who care about issues related to free knowledge and its impacts on society, wiki use in particular, widespread grassroots collaboration in general, multilingual community development; who fall outside the current monoculture in similar events (white monolingual English-speaking men from the US or UK).

I was hoping to get concrete advice from Esther Dyson last year about who to attract and how, but we never had a real discussion about this. It would be useful to get her input this year; and that of other conference planners who regularly attract an interesting and articulate global collection of intellectuals outside any field's "usual suspects".

One concrete thing we need to do is identify academic and practitioner mailing lists and contact points, in Asian languages, to announce the conference and its call for papers.

I would especially like to see a reasonable collection of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese presenter-suggestions and paper-submitters; the former 2 because they have such large technical and academic communities but comparatively small wiki-presences, and the latter because Japan has such a large and active reader and writer community, across any wiki projects. [And b/c this year it is copmaratively reasonable for people from these countries to attend.]

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