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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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well, you can go around and knock on some doors -- and if someone's inside making music, you can join them. but there's no way to know where there are people making music. [and can you really do that? yes of course! this is africa!]

dominic, flom the us. in [portland, we started an fc chapter last year; and our meetingsa re just a few of us, but some of the -- one of the first things we did as a public event was a film festival with creative commons movies. one of the things that sounds more like what your'e getting at that 'webv been planning os to have a public artwork where one of our members is an artist, not really a wiki edor, and we'lre etting funding for a large [canvas?] to be put in the middle of cmpaus, sort of like aw iki,r eal livfe ewiki painting, and it will be... just based paint sypplies there or whatever, maybe people bring their own crayons; people won't reallyt be able to revert it i someone writes over it. more of a public tihng to bring awareness to free culture and that idea -- may be just lave it there forever...

erik - from berlin, germany. there are lost of opportunities there. we have one particular meeting place that youve also been to, which is c-base, which is nergdy, .and lots of activities happening thare; tI 'm sure ther are lots omfusic jams. wikip0edians are hainging out there reuglarly. when they want to work, they'll getypically meet at a iwkipiendains place; klikea dding data about birthdate sand stuff like that; meet for 5 hgrs, fgo somewhere and have a drink, that happens quite a bit. across gemrany, there have een exhibitions, trying to get universities involved; there's not really any single space where people work, that you can deal with reuglarly like a rwiki wednesday. in terms of actually doing something it's not so scheduled as it could be. tere's a chapter in gernany, a chapter of wikimedia in germany, the only one right now that has an important, full time employee . they have a shared office sapce with other orgs; it was the idea that teh wm germany could share space with kde, which is an open source pfroject; that hasn't happened yet. but there's definitely a way the office has een a focal point for activity of local wikimedians to come, do some work, and leavel.

it's like having 2.5 additional staff members; peoiple come in and do sth. I've meet with them a couple times, discussing an ieda of uswing chapters as a asis for frc space that you're talking about. we're bootstrpping chapters in many countries, including taiwan, all of them wil lbecome fin sustainable, and all will receive suport from wmf in my opinoin; it might be really feasible to grant some space somewhere... but what would that entail? we want to feigure out what they want to do; it could be wm and more limtited than what you want to do; wm is an educational org and not just about making music.

kat - live near washington dc in the us. a lot of the experinec eI"ve had like that feently have been random. I'm a musician, usually cartry a recorder in my backpagek==ck; sometimes I run in to street usuicians playing and that's kind of random. I was in the subway and saw someone in the subway, playing a duet, only one part. that will never happen again. divine inteviention... when I was in ug college, I went to music school; there was a loungehwn all the students would get together and hang out when not studying. I really miss being in iug colleg, and things like that owuld just happen. law students are just really bodring. I'veb een loking for spaces like taht in dc, and nothin's gogten together.

shao hwei? cfrom taipie. if I want to sing a song with my friend, we go to ktv, do you visit ktv in taipei? karaeoke bar. some kind of.. ion a small room; actually there... are some places public to open to the public , but we taiwanese don't... sing songs publicly I think. not very often [tha people do things publicly] do you mean a street artist? maybe....

cormac -- am I on? my mind is strangely a blank, b/c I've been involve din lots of public event,s including wikiversity, which I eanticipate a being v much a free culutre psca ewher peoplec an explore culure and identity in an ed sense, but for some reason what's falshing in my mind is a projec tI did a long... 8 yrs ago when I was in uni and studying photography. I should say I'm corma from ireland living in england. -- I studied photog, and for a final project trie to do somethinga bout identiyt nand how people could explore something about themselves through the medium of photograph. the process by which they were creating the photo was between me and them and a conversation and something that would kind of happen tha would crystallize something about their own live that they wanted to look at and possible even change; I was trying to make it a umerous process so people would laugh at the finished process and be able to keep as a keepsake after to say wow, this is neat, this is smoking, this is my relationship with my ather... some of them got quite deep. I" mnot sure if this is really public ut it wqas in collab with the other person, and sth I always felt it would be possible to do as a collab and public event, much in the way public art is conducted. for example, people sending in those -- have you seen those postcard projects where people send in cardsa about their secret desires? they send it to someone in the states; a fascinating public art project which allows them an anonymity to reveal something very personal about their lives; exhi bited at the end.

sj - mentioning story corps and making open space available for interviewing one another. that's a great project an open sopace could do

? from taiwan -[friend of ya li] I was in a deutsch course, learning; I said to my friend in a crazy way why don't we build a library we can ssearch about how to learn the deutsch we also make our ? and to out almost every two weeks to have a beer and talk about how we're going to make it, and who is the director and who is responsible for the website and the db and whatever. at least it's bgood because I have this idea...

ya li - and I'm one of her friends who wanted to start a deutsch/german learning site -- and especoially for people learning as third language, not second; and she shared a lot, and I couldn't find any crazy thing I have done.

ck - free software advocate. the most exciting event that I' ve been to related to this thing is a bar with a linux user meeting, so people would go and ordre drinks, and then we'd start teaching etachother what ewwe have learned . for instance my netwrok card wouldn't work and they'd show me how to isntall and so on. if I had this opportunity to do this again, I would show them how to use this interactive geometry program, dr. geo to teach children geomtetry but also physics. that's something that could happen in such a meeting, people teaching eachother what they havenlearned and show people things interesting that they ind pn the internet.

bob - from taiwan / fs taiwan now with ck. the most great thing I remember is when ffox launched 1.0 we had a party in taiwan. I am not seeing myself as a tehcnical person to promote what its a great thing sI think; so with my friends and firefox party we had cake, food, drinks... lots of things. we had a very well-attended event here; we talked about everything, like which team you like the most, which extension you liekd the most, and shwoing soiething you foudn on the internet and viewed on firefox that wasn't good enough. eveything. I feel that this experience is very foreign to me, so I keep rpomoting free software until now.

[sec] - one year ago, my teacher gave us an assignment aoub tprogramming. itw as special, t o design robot soccer. you have to write code and strategy. we had three people as a team; at the end we competed with eachother,a nd the winner got the highest score. t was soecial because we didn't just hand out our code. we could see competition on thescreen int the classroom...


hackable ! movable materials, and things in the space lights / architecture comfortable -- enjoyable to visit | good design [em - smoke free? generally accessible] connectivity -- for many people? food and drink available machines! I'd like to have some machines, please • have a workroom with space to really sit down and get things done accessible with little cost. [near public transit] • counter: the process of going can be part of the experience Indoor / Outdoor options? --- • outside area where people can hang out is cool. • barbecue space performance and a stage? sofas. even crash space? worries about maintenance:

have an organization that organizes it and is responsible for it?

2. diff b/t suburbs, cities, and rural areas facilities to open space @ universities. a place with computers at university

3.. use low frequency at first, without much pressure. tea. special tea of taiwan, bubble tea. potluck arrangement where people bring some food to exchange [avoid kitchen/provision] music in the background; even TV. time taken: 1.5 to 2 hrs. each person can come from a diff project; echange logos; stickers and pins so people will recognize eachother by name and projects/affiliation. want to get kids involved; they will do this spontaneously while we are discussing it draw coming figures of participants for the fun of it. music jams --- get people to make wiki songs. where people write down eachother's lines and compose potluck music, some bring guitar and start playing.

4. virt v phys : obv preferred. but parallels in what's wanted union : just hang out for focal point. comfort. have classic events - watch old masters films have public locations; not locked away far away. let people stumble in off street noticeboard. ways to note ideas and organize randomly for the next time/future materials. paper and pens, other materials, cameras, &c. people in the space - should be welcoming. note community developing around magnetic ideas. create a weekly routine for people to


Actual spaces:



roof garden on top of a parking lot. 'locked' at night, illegal to stay there
forest clearings -- how to manage connectivity? see Chaos Camp, much preparation involved.
downtown loft owned by artist groups. scheduling?
berkman center. quiet areas. food/kitchen. couches. machines. porches.
C-Base - quiet area? for admins. connectivity. outdoors. a bit industrial.
Cafe Baraka --
church -- vfw -- ?

a bit restricted :

a library with study corners for students to chat and discuss homework.

2. squats? parks. can be noisy, but there are people all over the world who go there to get people apartments - being an open person, could be a free space (worry about distance b/t people) subway terminals? virtual spaces - chatrooms etc? also meet in eprson b/c they can't do things from their own bedroom. Wikimania: we are here b/c seing people motivates you to do things as well. positive opt-in peer pressure.

3. universities. motivated to provide spaces - big problem; tey want recognition and publicity. beach!

4. [sj - cctv et al] student union. filmmaking space?