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Wikimania 2007, the third annual international Wikimedia conference, will be held August 3-5 in Taipei, Taiwan at Chien Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center (CTOYAC).

Both a scientific conference and a community event, Wikimania brings together members of various Wikimedia projects in order to exchange ideas, build relationships, and report on research and project efforts.

It also provides an opportunity for Wikimedians and the general public alike to meet and share ideas about free and open source software, free knowledge initiatives, and wiki projects worldwide.

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Online Registration is open until July 30.

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  • Main Conference : Aug. 3 - Aug. 5
  • Hacking Days : Aug. 1 - Aug. 2, invitation required
  • Hacking Days Extra: Aug. 2, open to tech people
  • Citizen Journalism Unconference : Aug. 2, open to public
  • Wikimania Party & Film Festival : Aug. 4, open to conference attendees
  • Taiwanese Cultural Tours : Aug. 6 - Aug. 8, optional.

Noia 64 filesystems folder important.png Note for Registrars

  • Now, on-site accommodation request will go to the end of waiting list.
  • If you made your reservation after 15th May, your accommodation booking is not confirmed. Please contact us!
  • For registration with accommodation, payment should be make within 48 hours. Otherwise, registration and accommodations will be canceled.
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Jun 12

50 days to Wikimania

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