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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord



Please fill out the form COMPLETELY. All questions are necessary; incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please access and fill out the form here. (note: for those who already sent applications in via email, your applications are fine.)


Deadline extended: the deadline for applications has been extended to April 15, 2007.

  • It is anticipated that decisions on scholarships be announced no later than April 22, 2007.

Privacy Notice

All personal information, including username and related information, will be kept highly confidential by the Wikimania 2007 Scholarship Committee and the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Contacting Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee may be reached by writing to wikimania-scholarships@wikimedia.org.

Please note that you ONLY need to contact the Scholarship Committee if:

  • You do not receive a confirmation email within 5 calendar days after you sent the application;
  • You have a new contact address, telephone number, or email address; or
  • You would like to withdraw your application or change the requested support amount (for example, if you have received funding from other sources).

Application Form

Please access and fill out the form here.

===I. Personal Information===

* 1a: Family name(s): (answer)

* 1b: Personal name(s): (answer)

* 1c: Username and your primary Wikimedia project (in the format of :wikipedia:en:User:Jimbo Wales): (answer)

* 1d: Age: (answer)

* 1e: Nationality: (answer)

* 1f: Email: (answer)

* 1g: Phone number with country code (e.g., +1 212 555 1212): (answer)

* 1h: Mailing address: (answer)

* 1i. Passport number and country of issue (required for visa invitation letters): (answer)
===II. About You===

* 2a: Have you attended Wikimania before? (if so, '05, '06 or both?)
: (None/05/06/Both)

* 2b: Why do you want to attend Wikimania? 
: (answer)

* 2c: Are you planning to submit a presentation or other submission to the Wikimania program? If so please note your title and topic. 
: (answer)

* 2d: How did you hear about this year's Wikimania? 
: (answer)

* 2e: What Wikimedia projects are you involved in (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, meta, commons, WMF, MediaWiki, etc)? Include language codes if appropriate. 
: (answer)

* 2f: How long have you been involved with Wikimedia, approximately? 
: (answer)

* 2g: What is your involvement on Wikimedia projects? (e.g., if you've been editing the English and French Wikipedias since 2003, you're an administrator on fr.wp and you're a chapter member, say so here.) 
: (answer)

* 2h: What is your involvement in other areas related to Wikimedia Foundation goals? (for instance, if you're a lawyer studying open licensing in your country, say so here).
: (answer)

* 2i: Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Be brief but give us a good picture: are you a student? A professional? What are your main interests?)
: (answer)

===III. Expenses===
* 3a: Your likely departure city for Taipei (please name the closest major city):
: (answer)

* 3b: What dates do you plan to attend Wikimania Taipei?
: (answer)

* 3c: Approximate cost (in US$) of a round-trip, economy-class airplane ticket for these dates to Taipei from your city or the nearest international airport: 
: (answer)

* 3d: Approximate amount (in US$) of scholarship required: (Note that for most people transportation will be their major expense; please estimate how much it will take for you to be able to attend the conference. Due to limited funds, scholarships are more likely to be funded if you only need a PARTIAL amount of your total expenses reimbursed). 
: (answer)

* 3e: Are you receiving funding for your travel to Wikimania 2007 Taipei from other sources? (Funding from Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. must be disclosed.)
: (answer)

* 3f: Will you be able to attend if scholarship expenses are paid to you at the conference, requiring you to book tickets ahead of time on your own expense? (Note that this is the preferred option. It will not affect your eligibility, but we do need to know).
: (Y/N)

* 3g: Will you require a visa? (see visas page): 
: (Y/N) 

* 3h: If required, do you already have a visa or are you applying for one? (see visas page): 
: (answer)

About the Scholarship Process

Thank you for your time in filling out this form!

  • For visa questions or problems, please contact the Scholarship Committee at wikimania-scholarships@wikimedia.org .
  • All scholarship recipients will need to provide travel receipts and proof of registration for the conference in order to be reimbursed.
  • We have a limited amount of funds; we will attempt to fund as many people as possible. Please keep in mind when asking for funds that many other people will be unable to attend the conference without a scholarship.
  • For questions, contact the address above.