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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

這是2007年國際維基媒體年會預定議程的一部分 (預定議程目錄)


作者 Kate
分類 技術建構
版權 GNU自由文檔許可證 (詳情)
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Kate is an editor (Aude) on English Wikipedia, who joined the project in 2004-2005. On Wikipedia, she devotes time to article writing, covering criminology, criminal justice, geography, history, architecture, and urban planning topics, and has created many maps for the project. She also has technical knowledge of MediaWiki, having installed and customized it for projects outside Wikipedia. Aude is a geographer, and GIS professional in Washington, D.C., working with crime mapping and GIS in law enforcement. She has ten years of experience with GIS, including open source GIS, mapping, and spatial analysis tools, as well as web development.

近年來,社會各界對各種地圖繪製的注意程度已大幅提升,由Google Maps及Google Earth的超高人氣即可見一斑。這些工具都是免費使用的。雖然與我們在維基百科和維基多媒體對自由、開放的知識分享之認知有所出入,但對於自由開放的地理地圖資源共享來說,這已經算是跨出了一大步了。本演講將提供所做調查的結果,包括:desktop地理資訊系統(desktop GIS)、網路地圖及custom application development。另一項creating maps and developing geospatial applications關鍵的要素是資料庫。許多公領域的GIS資料庫都是可供利用的,但大多數都是最初來自於美國聯邦政府,其將「works of federal employees」投入至公領域。版權得議題及來自其他政府之資料的使用的情形我們也將作討論。有些國家準許使用wiki-compatible licenses,但有些國家有更嚴格的規定。

目前維基百科結合地理製圖的應用現況及in these approaches限制的規定亦為討論的議題。若維基媒體的網路製圖開發者遭遇到了束縛限制,則要進入下一個階段的地圖功能整合將會需要很長的一段時間。我們要跨出的第一步應為讓維基人能上傳目前已上傳過的靜態png或svg地圖的GIS資料。一般來說,interoperable的型式近年來已有開發。轉換各GIS資料庫格式的工會亦然,這將可使Wikimedia Commons及其他維基媒體的資料整合不在是夢想。

Recent years have seen drastic increase in general public interest in mapping, with popularization of Google Maps and Google Earth. These tools are free to use, but not free in the sense of free, open source content that Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects use. Fortunately, there have also been great strides in development of free, open source geospatial and mapping tools. This presentation will provide a survey of what tools are available now for desktop GIS, as well as web mapping, and custom application development. Another key ingredient for creating maps and developing geospatial applications is data. Many public domain GIS data sources are available to make use of, though they primarily come from the United States federal government which puts "works of federal employees" into the public domain. Copyright issues pertaining to use of data from other governments will be discussed, with some countries using possibly wiki-compatible licenses and others more restrictive.

Current efforts at combining mapping with Wikipedia will also be discussed, as well as limitations in these approaches. With limits in developer resources on MediaWiki, progressing forward to the next level with integrating geospatial and web mapping capabities may happen very slowly. First steps forward would be to allow Wikimedians to upload GIS source data files along with the static png or svg maps that are uploaded. Standard, interoperable formats have been developed in recent years, as well as tools to convert GIS data among formats, that could potentially be integrated to allow this to happen on Wikimedia Commons or somewhere else within Wikimedia projects.