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This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2007. (Index of presentations)

Alain Desilets

AffiliationNational Research Council of Canada
Alain Désilets
Alain Désilets

Alain Désilets is a researcher at the National Research of Canada. His wiki research focuses on usability of wikis, and on tools for collaborative translation of wiki sites:

Translation the wiki way:

Are wikis usable?

Wiki as a Tool for Web-based Collaborative Story Telling in Primary School: a Case Study

Alain is also conference chair for WikiSym2007, which will be held in Montreal in October 2007:

At WikiMania 2007, he will present a paper that analyzes the usefulness of Wikipedia and Wiktionnary for translators, based on data collected in an ethongraphic observation of translators doing their work.