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Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

Birds of a Feather discussions (BoFs)

(may be more or less informal, geared to a specific group, etc)

Note: The specific time is not confirmed yet, we'll make a final change after the program is scheduled, but we'll change as small as possible (e.g. BOF1 will be at the afternoon of 8/3, we'll only change within that certain period. please take a look at this page before you join any talk, thanks

You may add a link to a subpage of this page with additional information and place to discuss, please keep this page simple, short, clear and readable, thanks!

BOF1: 8/3 Afternoon

1. Why is Media Wiki not (yet) the ideal Wiki-engine for (formal) educational settings?

proposed improvements for Media Wiki



Wiki is a phenomenal tool for an active constructive computer supported learning environment.

  • The discussion will turn around the ‘need of educators’ regarding
    • tool and
    • strategy about how to use the tool (educational settings / scripts).
  • Each Wiki has a 'learning' purpose...in formal or/and non formal settings.
  • How are Wikis (Media-Wikis) used in formal education?
    • Hypertext-creation?
    • Collaborative creation of common concepts?
    • Information sharing?
    • Linking of concepts?
    • Creation of a comment culture?
    • ...
    • participants can show their own examples and discuss their pedagogic and didactic concepts
  • What is necessary to improve usability and to avoid oversimplification?
  • What are the needs of learners and educators in order improve learning?

2. Converting Articles for Deletion to a good-faith process

  • Facilitator(s): SJ
  • Language(s): SIMPLE
  • Abstract/Summary: AfD on en:wp is a fairly contentious place, which by its definition starts out with a somewhat bad-faith assumption that material is suitable for deletion, not contributed by someone who deserves more friendly review (they see a "article up for deletion!" notice the next time they visit their page, and perhaps get a talk page note telling them their work is soon for the chopping block). How can this be remedied? Should triage of troubling articles be focused on review and doing the right thing, rather than a binary (and at times often-repeated) delete-or-keep?
  • Remark: See this mailing list thread (wikien-l) for some details.

BOF2: 8/4 Afternoon

BOF4: 8/5 Morning

Not Scheduled yet

Please schedule yourselves on the above time, thanks.

Knowledge and Learning (philosophy and advocacy)

  • The BoF section on the definition of "knowledge", as the problem baffled the wikimedian a lot. The outsider questioned if wikipedia provide "substantial knowledge", and always critize the wikipedia itself.If a definition of knowledge is being made, there would be a sharp apporoach thaT the ENCYCLOPEDIA can follow; even if the definition couldn't be set, the content of discussion would be worth researching, and the BoF allowed more attendant to share their idea as well. -- 11:48, 15 May 2007 (UTC) (this is Johnny zh:user:黑武士仲尼 from chinese wikipedia , i hope it would be useful)[reply]
  • I [=who? please sign your name] have proposed a round-table or panel discussion entitled "Wikipedia and Taiwanese Students: A Good Mix." I am an American attending college in Taipei, and have seen many English-speaking Taiwanese students use Wikipedia in their classroom presentations. I know they rely on it, but there is a very negative backlash from many Taiwanese professors who dismiss Wikipedia, and forbid it's usage (for the standard reasons). So this is a good debate, which Taiwanese students have a good role in, and view of. The use of Wikipedia as an English language education and learning tool is also part of this discussion. I also just want to hear Taiwanese students' views on the use of Wikipedia, it's value (or lack thereof, everyone would be free to speak), and their Wikipedia stories.

Equality and other issues

  • A community round-table/BoF to compare a set of practices across language communities (e.g. arbitration)
  • WikiChix BoF
  • An enwiki ArbCom/OTRS BoF (or Wiki-en issues at large?) [private?]


  • Researching the phenomenon of free/libre knowledge and "libre learning". The aim is to bring together people interested in researching the phenomenon of learning and knowledge generation in a technically and socially connected world on various levels (social, technical, economic, pedagogy, etc.). Ktucker 13:37, 15 June 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Planning Wikimania

I'm interested in having a Birds of a Feather conversation at Wikimania in Taipei about Wikimedia event planning and the future of Wikimania.

Wikimania has, in the three years of its existence, become a large and extremely complicated international conference that is executed mostly by volunteers, with help from many quarters. Additionally, many other exciting Wikimedia events have also taken place, from the "Wikipedia Academy" to the "Wikimedia Conference Netherlands" and many smaller events. (see meta:events).

I'd like to talk about the goal of these events and what their scope should -- or could -- be, and what we as a community want out of future events, focussing on Wikimania. What do we want to see in a conference? What is the highest priority for attendees, and how can we collect the historical memory of participants and organizers to make planning easier in future? What are our ideas for conference location and international participation? What are our dreams, and what are some practical suggestions?

This will be a friendly and respectful discussion. It's currently unscheduled; if you are definitely interested in attending, send me your schedule/preferred times or post on-wiki and I will try and find a good time in the next week or so. If there are too many conflicts I might have it in the evening or one of the pre-conference days. phoebe (brassratgirl)/talk 01:00, 19 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]

I have replied to you on the other page - Program_Ideas#Planning_Wikimania. I suggest this take place at the end of the conference, though I'd rather not miss the afternoon sessions on the last day. Are there any scheduled activities after the conference on Sunday? or would people be available sometime after the closing session on Sunday? Aude 03:04, 19 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]