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Translations BoF log

There are two kinds of translations: Foundation Translation from the foundation (announcement or so), and Content Trasnaltion, from and to wikimedia contents itself. Foundation Translation is a some kind of duty, with deadline. There is no internal community for translators in Japanese or Chinese Wikipedia. So every translator thinks that translation is lonely work.

Wikipedia translators are not professional but volunteers, while professional translators refer Wikipedia to verify facts.

It is tough work to verify what is correct for volunteer translators (especially who are not majored in the topic). Minor language contents are hard to be verified. That might be written by highschool student.

When translating, GFDL history inheritance is a basically technical problem to be solved by rule. It is stupid thing a human summerize the history.


  1. Translators are always minority, of both languages from and to, and of specific area of the topic
  2. Translations will never be completed, if content synchronizatoin is a purpose.
  3. There could be a technical solution for GFDL history inheritance between original and target content.

This is not complete log, so every attendee, please add here. --Takot 15:06, 3 August 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]