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Preston McConkie is a webmaster and journalist who currently runs the site for Envision Ogden, a group of businessmen and leaders in Ogden, Utah (envisionogden.org).[1] He has written articles and/or edited for the Ogden Standard Examiner, the Utah Weekly, Ogden City News, Weber Sentinel and Coolidge Examiner. A single story he sold to David Horowitz's frontpgemag.com[2] is responsible for a large number of the references to Preston McConkie on the web, with dozens of links to Leftist Lies About the War on private web sites. The article, written in late 2002, predicted that war with Iraq was inevitable.

As a reporter for the Coolidge Examiner, McConkie covered crime, government and community features. He left the paper in October, 2006, shortly before the Arizona Attorney General's office issued an opinion supporting McConkie's charge that the Coolidge City Council had illegally held closed-door meetings to discuss raises for city employees.[3]

McConkie is a native of Utah who has lived around the world, serving two years in South Korea with the United States Army and fighting in the 1991 Persian Gulf Wawr as a canoneer with the 18th Airborne Corps. Exposed to nerve agent in that conflict, he then served 13 months as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in England and California before bein released for medical reasons. After overcoming part of his disability, he worked during the late 1990s as a truck driver and has seen 44 of the 48 continental United States. As a teenager he worked a summer on the Hawaiin island of Maui picking pineapples, and he has vacationed in Alaska.

He has two children from a failed marriage and is currently anxious to build up enough income through Internet-only jobs that he can afford to leave the United States and settle in a nation with lower tensions between genders.