Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
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Wikimania Golden Award will reward the best text, video, audio and graphic projects published in the past year to the Wiki Project. Contents created after August 07, 2006 is legitimate to compete. Topics published before or during WIKIMANIA 2007 will put into a special category for reviewing. All submitted projects have to release their copy rights and be able to used by any one, including all wikipedia pages.

  • One category per each project only.
  • Each project was created by the submitter.
  • Each project is able to be used by more than one *Wikipedia projects (including, but not limit, to Wikipedia Commons).
  • All projected have to release under CC, GFDL, CC Shared Certification mode.
  • All projects can’t and should not have any copy right issues.
  • All projects have to upload and publish to Wikipedia Commons and present in demonstration page.
  • The due day for all projects except group 7 is August 2nd, 2007. Due day for Group 7 is August 4th, 2007.
  • Required project format:
  • Graphic: JPG only.
  • Video: Ogg/Theora only.
  • Audio: Ogg only.
  • Article: submitted in open sources format only.
  • Graphic quality has to be able to print into 20cm X 30cm paper. Video and audio compressed file can not exceed 40 MB.
  • All projects can be created with any digital technologies with high accuracy to describe the subjects.
  • The topics of all projects are part of the evaluation process. You may earn additional bonus if you pick a special or difficult topic. However, the quality of each project will be the focus point.