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Latest comment: 17 years ago by Miya in topic in a scenic and busy area ?

Jiantan/Chien tan 劍潭: use proper Pinyin

We Hanyu Pinyin people and even Tongyong Pinyin people hate seeing "Chien Tan" all over this website and wish you would write or at least note Jiàntán / Jiantan. 可問教育部怎拼,問市府。 免搞ㄑ請搞ㄐ。難看不雅陳舊。 或至少同列。 另見 Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style_%28China-related_articles%29 Hanyu Pinyin

另 Chien Tan Peak 地名必作 Jiantan Peak.

How about this: Jiantan station, Jiantan Peak, Jiantan (Chien Tan) Youth Center...

至少前兩者有法定依據。 --Jidanni 2007-03-02

in a scenic and busy area ?

About Chien Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center (25.078° N 121.524° E) is a comprehensive convention center in a large and quiet landscape garden by Keelung River and Chien Tan Peak in a scenic and busy area of central north Taipei."

"in a scenic and busy area" ? Is'nt CTOYAC in a scenic and not-busy area, is it? --Miya 07:15, 25 June 2007 (UTC)Reply