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Can you explain better what one person should do on the return to get from the conference site to the airport? -- AnyFile 21:50, 17 March 2007 (UTC)Reply

Will work on an answer within the next couple of days. Allentchang 13:11, 29 March 2007 (UTC)Reply


Hi Tsungyenlee,

Thank you for all your hard work over the weekend in creating Taipei_Main_Station_Floor_Map.gif. I do have some suggestions, however.

1. The proper labeling of the floors after 1F should be B1, B2, B3, and B4. It should not be B1F, B2F, B3F, and B4F.

2. In regards to the 1F map, you forgot a right parenthesis ")" in "THSR (Taipei High Speed Railway"

3. In regards to the B1 map, replace "Entries(Fare Collection Gates)" with simply "Fare Collection Gates". Replace "MRT entries" with "MRT Fare Gates". Also, you can note that there is a MRT entrance near the Zhongshan Metro Mall. You NEED NOT (不需要) draw the MRT entrance near the Zhongshan Metro Mall, however.

4. In regards to the B2 map, replace all the "Entries(FCG)" with "Fare Gates". Replace "Entries(Fare Collection Gates)" with simply "Fare Collection Gates". Replace "platforms hold escalators" with "platforms have escalators". Replace "Direct to B4, Danshui Line platforms" with "Direct escalator to B4, Danshui line platforms". Replace "To B3 connecting to Danshui Line platforms" with "To B3 and connecting escalator to Danshui Line platforms"

5. In regards to the B3 map, replace all "Entries" with "Fare Gates". Replace "Connecting Hall, MRT <-> TRA, THSR" with "MRT/ TRA/THSR Connection Hall".

Hope these suggestions are not overwhelming. Don't hessitate to contact me if you have questions. Allentchang 16:11, 29 April 2007 (UTC)Reply

Deadline for this Article

I propose that we set May 21 as the hard deadline for the English version of this article. It's clear that this article is entering maturity. Comments please. Allentchang 14:36, 30 April 2007 (UTC)Reply

Taipei_Main_Station_Floor_Map.gif second draft

Hi Tsungyenlee,

We're all careless with our work sometimes, but we all help each other with our carelessness. I can be a very careless person as well, so don't worry about making mistakes.

The Taipei_Main_Station_Floor_Map.gif is almost perfect. Thank you for your effort and I do hope this is not interrupting you from your studies. Here are a few changes that I would like you to make for the B1 map:

Replace "To platform" with "To platforms".

Get rid of "Note: There are also two entries near the Zhongshan Metro Hall, which is located on the 3rd basement." On the top of the map where you typed "Zhongshan Metro Mall 中山地下街", replace it with "Zhongshan Metro Mall 中山地下街 and North MRT Entrance"

As for a Japanese version of the maps, let's ask User: Theodoranian if there is a local contributor who can help us with the Japanese translations. If it is really necessary, we could ask User: Theodoranian if we can have a Local transportation get together in Taipei with someone bringing a laptop with wireless connection. Otherwise, it doesn't hurt to resort to using only kanji/hanzi (漢字). Allentchang 15:07, 30 April 2007 (UTC)Reply


Hi Tsungyenlee,

I do hope I am not overwhelming you with these suggestions for revision . . . .

Replace "Taipei Main Station Periphery" with "The Taipei Main Station Area".

Replace "West Sta. 國光西站" with "Kuo-Kuang West Sta. 國光西站".

Replace "East Sta. 國光西站" with "Kuo-Kuang East Sta. 國光西站".

Replace "Taipei City Mall (Undergroung)" with "Taipei City Mall (Underground)".

Replace "Station Front Metro Mall (Undergroung)" with "Station Front Metro Mall (Underground)".

Replace "North Gates, East Gates, South Gates, and West Gates" with "North Gate, East Gate, South Gate, and West Gate".

Maybe you want to indicate a bus stop using a bus symbol rather than pink paint. It might be difficult to comprehend the pink paint as a bus stop if one printed the map with a black and white printer.

As for the airport bus information, change it to the following: "Kuo-kuang buses arriving from the TTY Int'l Airport will drop off passengers at the Taipei Railway Station's East Gate. Airport-bound buses depart at the Kuo-kuang East Station.

Upon arrival, you may use the nearby MRT entrances or the underground path between the Railway Station and the MRT station to enter the MRT system." Allentchang 00:54, 1 May 2007 (UTC)Reply