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위키매니아 2007은 공개 이벤트이며, 누구나 적은 등록비로 참가할 수 있습니다. 이 페이지는 단지 등록 절차에 관한 정보만을 담고 있습니다. 여행과 관련해서는 비자 페이지를 확인해 주세요. 비자에 관해서 도움을 받기 위해서는, 우선 등록 절차를 끝마쳐 주셔야만 합니다(참가비 포함).

Online Registration is closed. Welcome to register on site!! (Query status)

주의: 아래에 표시되는 시각은 UTC+8 기준입니다.

참가자는 여기를 보세요.



  • 해킹 데이 (별도): 8월 2일
  • 시민 저널리즘 언컨퍼런스: 8월 2일
  • 위키매니아 2007 주 컨퍼런스: 8월 3일 - 8월 5일

등록 일자

  • 온라인 등록 마감 시한: 7월 30일 (숙박 제외); 숙박을 위해서는, 아래의 숙박 부분을 확인 바랍니다.
  • 현지 등록 마감 시한: 2007년 8월 3일 10:00 (UTC+8) 컨퍼런스 시작

Advance Registration

  • 위키매니아 2007 주요 컨퍼런스:

without Wikimedia projects username
Wikimedia Contributor
Hacking Days/Citizen Journalism Unconference
Main Conference Single Day
Two days
8/3 - 8/5

납부 방법

  • 저희는 처리 시간이 빠르고, 확인이 쉬운 PayPal(PayPal 계좌:을 이용해 주실것을 권장합니다.
  • 송금을 통한 납부
    • 계좌 안내(상세):
      • 계좌명(Title):Association of Digital Culture of Taiwan
      • 은행(Bank):Bank of Taiwan, Songshan Branch
      • 은행코드(Bank code):004
      • 계좌번호(Account number):064001049454
      • SWIFT code:BKTWTWTP064
    • 송금을 하신 후에 결과를 확인하기 위하여 registration-wikimania@wikimedia.org으로 이메일 보내주시고 당신의 풀네임, 송금액, 계좌번호를 말씀해 주세요.

Accommodation and Food

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Accommodation is being provided by the conference at CTOYAC. For other information, please see Lodging.

  • Location: CTOYAC
  • Reservation periods & charge:
Available time 7/31-8/5
Room Type Twin beds、4 share、6share. Include breakfast.
3/10-4/15 USD$20/bed/night
4/15-5/15 US$35/bed/night
After 5/15 (the normal CTOYAC price)
  • If you like to extend your accommodation after the conference, please contact CTOYAC in advance to arrange your room. However, they will charge you with regular rate.
  • More than 250 beds are available, but if none available, they will put you to the waiting list at CTOYAC. If this does not meet your needs, we includes information of other hotels in Taipei. Please see Lodging or contact "CTS-Travel", the travel agency we work with.

FOR REGISTRARS (2nd June, 2007)

  • Those who have registered with accommodations before 15th May , please PAY BEFORE 5th JUNE (00:00 UTC), or your registration and accommodations will be canceled.
  • The organizing office is arranging accommodation for speakers, scholarship awardees now. All SPEAKERS AND SCHOLARSHIP AWARDEES please do as follows:
    1. Register right after you know your paper accepted or scholarship approved.
    2. Mail to tell which nights will you stay (8/1-8/5) by 5th JUNE (00:00 UTC).
    • Awardees please pay before 6th JUNE also, otherwise accommodation and registration fees will be taken out of your scholarship directly.
  • Accommodation booking will be re-opened on 7th June. If you made your reservation after 15th May, your accommodation booking is not confirmed. Attendees reserving accommodation after 15th May are on the waitlist for accommodation, even if your registration is active. Please send a message to with your name and the nights that you wish to stay at CTOYAC. Important: please indicate if you are a speaker or scholarship awardee in this message.
  • NEW REGISTRATION and ACCOMMODATION BOOKING POLICY since 7th JUNE: for registration with accommodation, PAYMENT SHOULD BE MADE WITHIN 48 HOURS. Otherwise, registration and accommodations will be canceled by system automatically. Accommodations will be arranged according to the order of the time you pay. This is a waiting list, so there's no guarantee. The organizing office will try to do our best for all participates. Thanks for your cooperation.

After you completed registration process, please visit Attendees Notes page for latest schedules, scholarships, visa and regulations, and location information to help you plan this trip.


If you have special food requirements or allergy, please make a note on the registration form and we will arrange it for you.