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Registration/Room Reservation and Waiting List/en

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

Room Reservation and Waiting List

According to the accommodation section in the registration guideline, the registration office will create a waiting list between May 15 and May 31. This is due to as 22:00 May 12, UTC+8, we have received 322 registration and only 1/8 with full payment. There will be additional scholarship awardees and paper submitters to register soon. In order to provide better accommodation arrangement, we will temporarily stop accommodation reservation now and to find out whether we could take more in june, depends on the reservation status.

To avoid any inconvenience, we would like to ask all participants (including scholarship winners and paper submitters) to complete your registration with payment now if you need us to reserve rooms for your staying!

From May 15 to May 31 the registration office will setup rooms for registrants who have already paid in the following orders:

  • A. Registrants who had completed his/her registration with payment before May 15.
  • B. Registrants who have completed his/her registration with payment between May 15 and May 31.

The earlier you complete the process, the sooner you will get the confirmation. Please note we have to receive your payment before May 31, we will cancel your room reservation.

For any further questions, please send to wikimania-registration@wikimedia.org.

Thanks for your cooperation!

The organization office