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Presenters/Kim Tucker/Biography

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord
Kim Tucker
Kim Tucker

Kim Tucker is currently working as a researcher at the Meraka Institute, managed by the CSIR in South Africa. His main focus is researching the introduction of technology in the developing world, mostly software libre for collaborative learning and knowledge generation. Kim advocates software libre and Libre Knowledge as essential enablers towards a vision of "knowledge for all, towards wisdom - enabling people to empower themselves with knowledge" in this emerging "copy modify mix share" culture.

Kim's background includes some cognitive psychology (a long time ago), computer science lecturing, environmental decision support systems development and other aspects of software development (Java, architecture, patterns, agile methodologies, etc.), and Conservation Biology.

With this as background, Kim has an interest in knowledge patterns, collaboration and knowledge transfer across disciplines, and across cultures. Libre knowledge will lead to an enlightened society with the collective wisdom needed for a sustainable world.