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Planning/Hacking Days Extra 2007

Wikimania 2007 Taipei :: a Globe in Accord

Since there's not many proposals for this so far,

we will let BOF be the main activity.
Anyone who wants to join in may just go for registration,
and come back to write down what you need as logistics.

Draft Schedule

  • 09:00 ~ 09:30 attendees arrive, getting settled
  • 09:30 ~ 09:50 introduce and themes discussion
  • 09:50 ~ 16:30 open space discussion with different themes
  • 16:30 ~ 17:30 reflection

Break out sessions

Draft Program (the program will decided by the host that day)

  1. Before the unconference, you're all invited to post your agendas on this page (even better, a abstract or summary of what was and will be discussed). Please leave your idea and discussion on this page.
  2. The HDE will be a whole day event. The general host will first introduce the technology, rules and formalities of open space, all participants are invited to write down or print out your suggested topics and post it on the whiteboard/wall. And all those topics (both on wiki and whiteboard) will be the topics we discuss at that day.
  3. Then there might be 3~5 tables discussion at the same time (according to the number of participants), everyone who has raised topics on 1 & 2 is invited to be the facilitator of each table (You could also raise topics during the discussion), you just need to attract people who share the same spirit with you, then you could find a table and have a great discuss.
  4. The discuss time will be decided by each table. A table discuss is end if no one would like to discuss; on the contrary, if the discussion on certain table is great and people would like to continue, then that table will keep open and other people could join them anytime.
  5. Everyone is free to leave or join every table, if you feel like to take a rest, please feel free to do so.
  6. We don't have specific break since this unconference is in fact a long coffee break. There will be desserts and water provided by the organizers, we'll have lunch in the conference room as well. Basically this event is ongoing all day.
  7. Everyone is encouraged to put your thoughts and discussion on this page.
  8. One hour before the end of unconference, the general host will lead the discussion for all and reflect what we learn in this event.

Themes and topics of BOF

Morelax at some comfortable cafe with WiFi, cookies and beers, and open topics.

Invited Hackers

  • Brian Behlendorf (Apache)
  • Greg Stein (Apache, google)
  • Jon Phillips (CCHost)
  • Kith Lam (Mobile Processing)
  • WU Wenchen(Processing、 Fractals Library and Software Art)
  • JIANG ZhengDa(React Table and Open source)

Call for Proposal

The most important condition is: Hacking Days Extra only accepts real hacking events, other kinds of activities such as oral presentation, poster presentation or panel discussion are suggested redirecting to the main conference under the guidelines of Call for Participation.

  • Since #BOF became the main activity, it is not necessary to insist with real hackings.
Please leave your proposal here by following the guidelines on Call for Participation,
with required answers of the following questions:
  • What is the topic?
  • Which technology is willing to use?
  • Which part of Wikimedia project is related to?

For instance, I, b6s, personally would like to discuss with Yurik to see if we can use Query API to do some interesting things.

I guess I do not need to propose it as it is already here :) --Yurik 14:29, 26 June 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Now following sections are going to be possible topics:

Looks good! Very nicely done.

User Experience Enhancement

  • Skin/CSS development
    • Hope guys in Skin Gallery will be interested.
    • Multilinguality in MediaWiki
      • This page collects a bunch of topics proposed by several others, and tries to turn it into a BOF session for people interested in improving support for linguistic diversity in MediaWiki and MediaWiki-based communities.
  • Audio/Video processing/streaming
  • Audio/Video interfaces/metdadata (metavid)
  • Community: from "Talk" page to forum/bbs with more a flexible reputation system.
  • Spam/Captcha
  • Mashupping MW extensions for wlogging/online-researching
    • A mixture of extensions and some of the limits for embedding a blog in MW
    • Implementing feeds and some blog widgets
    • Is also a matter of design?
  • Technical limits of access to data for dynamically modelling Wikipedia
    • Quick review of statical visualizations until date
    • Sources of data related to time and growth

Wikimaps (JeLuF)

  • Integrating maps into Wikipedia
  • Show prototype, plan possible deployment
  • Discuss architecture

Wikipedia Mobile Interaction (Raquel)

  • That is just a way to refer the requirements to become mobile phone as a powerful interface to access the whole capabilities of any MediaWiki-powered sites such as Wikipedia or Commons.
  • Required improvements for MediaWiki API to support commit actions: Upload Media Files, Edit articles, etc.

MediaWiki hacking with a Flash co-writing interface (Rakusai)

  • Ximer is a brand-new flash interface that allows smooth transclusions from any site to a co-writable graphical board, and embedding of the same board to any site.
  • demonstrate Ximer first (10min) and show a hack consisting of embedding Ximer into MediaWiki to simulate a Flash-based Wikipedia entry editing experience (20min).

Parsing MediaWiki (or any) markups with an embeddable wiki engine (Ping)

Ping is working on a small wiki engine written in C++. The goal is to make as many components as possible of a wiki web site replaceable:

  • markup parser (Mediawiki, Creole, MoinMoin, or others);
  • output formatter (HTML, XML, or others);
  • storage system (database system or flat files);
  • search engine (home-made, lucene or others);
  • authentication (htpasswd, database, LDAP, or others);
  • authorization (permissive, wiki process instructions, database, others);
  • user interface (web, desktop GUI, command line);
  • interface language (python, perl, tcl, any scripting language that SWIG supports).

Because components are replaceable, you can build a minimal wiki system with the vanilla components, or embed the whole thing into your application written in C++ or any of the supported scripting languages.

Ping has a preliminary version (without UI yet) and would like to call for volunteers to help. You can pick any area of the above and jump in! Ping will post a download URL before the day.

Portable Search Engine for Wikipedia

YAP Cheah Shen from Ksana Search Forge is working on a read-only Wikipedia which can be run directly on USB disk/DVDROM/mobile harddisk; no installation is needed.

Currently we have Windows, Linux, and Mac (intel 386) versions. WinCE is on the way.

The program consists of a compound storage manager (text, index, picture, etc), a multilingual search engine (currently 12 languages have been tested) and a tiny webserver. The program is self-sustained. Pre-installation of Apache, MYSQL and PHP is not required.

The program will be under dual-license like Qt.

The biggest problems we are facing are the interpretation of Wiki markup, and conversion from Wiki markup to HTML/XML. Currently Wiki Templates are not 100% parsed.

And those who have knowledge in stemming are welcomed too. By the way, the program is written in Object Pascal.

Online version http://www.ksana.tw:8080 .

Open Source and Art

  • Mobile Brush, Keith Lam (Hong Kong)
  • Processing,Fractals Library and Software Art,WU Wenchen/Microplayground(Taiwan)
  • Reactable and Open source With Processing,Chiang ChengDar/Microplayground(Taiwan)


  • quick demo of what I am up to with metavidWiki

Logistics Requests

  • List your needs here.

The Main Plan

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